A little info about me. I have been a stepmother for a long, long time. The ex had an ex, and four kids, so step-mothering is almost as natural as mothering to me. While my own children were being born I had  these lovely kids supporting and loving us. I used to send the girls around the block with the pram for days on end with 5. He had reflux and would stop SCREAMING only when he was moving. ( He hasn’t changed, AT ALL).

I love the fact that I can love these kids forever, am still in touch with them on facebook, and love to see them occasionally with their dad at christmas.

I first met fitty when I was very young, about 17 I think. My then bf and him were good friends. We were always close friends, there were 3 or 4 couples and we would get together all the time when we were young. Fitty and his ex were good friends of mine, but it wasn’t until about 7 years ago when we were both single,  that we realized why we’d always felt so weird around each other. Apparently we were attracted to each other. News to both of us!! We combined totally in 2009 when 6 and I moved into the lake shack with fitty. 7 and 8 were every second weekend and wednesday visitors at this point.

Now this is the thing about step parenting, you usually have to deal with the child’s other parent and often their new partner. This can and will lead to many interesting compromises. Most of the time if u keep it about the kids you’ll all win. Just remember that.

With this in mind, after trying to stick to a routine, and being hopelessly thwarted at every turn, I gave up. We were having the kids all over the place and although we were both very inspired by Fitty’s ex’s drive to further her career and training as this involved her going away a fair bit, we were having trouble with various connections and commitments due to my shift work and Fitty’s band work.   We discussed week about custody and all decided it would be the best way to organize all our career and lifestyle matters. Now we have 7 and 8  every other week and everyone is happy with the arrangement.  If only 8 would learn to pack more than one pair of sox for the week!! While we’re on that subject, if a dress was to find it’s way into 7’s bag, I would be a very happy stepmum.

Fitty and I are happy, madly so. Sometimes he really tees me off and likewise I’m SURE, but we don’t fight much. More a sort of bickery, bitching every now and then. If I’m terrifying enough he simply wanders into the bush around the shack for 15 to 20mins.  He is hilarious and makes every day different, he’s like a really really cool mad professor. He even has the hairstyle!!!

1 lives in Melbourne with her boyfriend, 2 lives in Brisbane and is getting married in March 13, has a lovely fiance and 2 of the most gorgeous, well behaved children I have ever met. These are fitty’s only grandchildren so far.

3 lives about 5 mins away from us with his girlfriend. She’s a nut, and we love her to bits. 4 lives in Canberra in a share house.  5 lives with my ex, his father and has the loveliest girlfriend a mother could ever want for her son. 6 has the same arrangement as 7 and 8. He is with us one week and the ex the next.

So that covers the basics. The older kids come home frequently as the clan has lots of family get togethers. We have arranged our small 3 bedroom house in order to always have a place for them to sleep.