If u have come straight to this post, stop, and go back to my about page, read that and come back, coz things are just too complicated to repeat all over again.

Well ok, here we go! I have so much time on my  hands at the moment I thought I’d take fitty up on his all time challenge, that I should write a blog. He thinks I have a lot to say, and would probably be appreciated more if people had a choice as to whether or not they should listen…. his ears are tired!

I feel like the luckiest mum in the world most of the time. We have really, really ridiculously good looking children, who are healthy and well adjusted. We live on the edge of a huge estuary lake, about 1.5k’s from the most pristine beaches in Aus. Our house borders on a National Park and most days we see kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidna’s and a stunning array of water and bush birds. Not to mention goanna’s, snakes and other uglies!

This blog will be predominantly about our kids, as by sheer weight of numbers, they have the most to say, do and NEED. I’d like to think that our lives are interesting enough to hold one or two readers in suspense, we have a lot going on at the moment and 2013 will be all about renovating our 1970’s lake shack, so stay tuned…