The Christmas Chimney!

The Christmas Chimney!

Good morning and Merry Christmas to all. I’ve managed to get up before 8!!! Won’t be long now tho, I’m sure. He’s the only other early riser in the house. 6 and 7 will sleep a bit longer, they’re too cool to run upstairs to see what Santa has left for them, but not too cool to sleep in til noon hey 6?

So every single year at our house we have the Fitty tirade about  Christmas  commercialism, how crap it all is, and how we are definitely NOT going to spend thousands of dollars on presents and haven’t the kids got enough crap etc. I fully support his views, and for several years have encouraged him to shut up and get on with it then!

My idea has been for us to buy the entire family a big present, something we will all enjoy, and save all the little presents that cost a fortune and get left on the floor for 6 months. Our kids have it all. Between all the sets of grandparents, parents, and steps, they actually do very well.

So this year Fitty and I have all the same usual discussions, decide upon a family holiday, destination to be discussed and finalized democratically today.

Ok, so I have been in hospital, and am still recovering from a very painful condition. I haven’t been shopping for weeks, and unfortunately poor Fitty has been left to do it all. Each year, it has been discussed that we will not go overboard etc, we will not buy each other anything. (I want to save money for my new kitchen and other renovations that are happening in the new year.) So having made sure I have reminded Fitty several thousand times that I do not NEED anything, or WANT anything I smugly wait and watch. Every year it is the same……

It’s all good until Christmas Eve, then Fitty starts suffering from Christmas Envy. All of a sudden tinsel appears. Baubles and Santa’s and Snowmen followed by the Jingle Bell lights and finally….he decorates the fireplace to look like a tree. This is easy as it is a 70’s relic, upside down copper open fire, shaped just like a tree. Kinda looks good really.

Then he starts ripping the fridge door open and looking around for what we need to buy for Christmas Dinner. He begins to worry at the lack 0f thousands of presents under the tree. Off he goes to shop.

I have awoken today to a huge pile of pressies under the tree. Not over the top, surely but certainly not what we have been discussing for the last month or so.. There are also two huge presents for me! One from him and one from the “Mice”.

We had been joined by a mouse family over winter and considering we had ONE kitchen cupboard door left as the rest have been lost over the 60yrs or so since last renovation, they were quite a challenge for me. I used to set up a small candle lit table on the floor by the bin, hoping to encourage them away from my cupboards. Seriously tho, I tended to ram it into Fitty daily that he had to do something about those bloody mice!

Can’t wait to find out what the mice have given me?