It’s always the same, Christmas time just gets me down. This year was particularly hard as the month leading up has been a doozie!

It started at the end of November with a midnight run to the E.R at the local hospital for me. I had surgery the next day and was released the day after that. Let’s just say that I’m still recovering and still in a lot of pain and leave it at that for now..

About a week later 6 started wandering in from school looking peaky and not really being himself. Normally 6 inhales the contents of the fridge on his way past and then disappears downstairs into his and 8’s bedroom to reaquaint himself with his PS3. This particular week he looked either pale and sick, or hot, red and sweaty.

I called the doctor when he began to complain that his heart was racing, and they suggested taking 6 into the E.R.

Turns out he has Glandular fever. During this time they discovered 6 had a heart mumur. 6 had been in hospital 2 days or so, and I was getting ready to go into the hospital to spend the day with him. At around 7.30am I get a phone call from 5,  (5 lives with his father). “Mum I fell off my motorbike”. Turns out he’s at the E.R too. I dash in to discover his elbow covered in gore and gravel, a very nasty, deep wound and some initial nerve damage. Thank heavens it wasn’t broken, as 5 had just started a new job.

It seemed like somebodies idea of a nasty joke at the time, here’s me in incredible pain trying to recover from being in hospital, and I can’t get away from the place!

You’d think that would be the end of it wouldn’t you?

Just as things started to settle down and 6 was sent home with a referral to a heart specialist, 3 calls to inform me that he is in the E.R. His wisdom teeth have abcessed and he’s in agony!

This is the point at which I began to doubt that this Christmas would be a good one. Also the point where my shoulders sagged, and the urge to burst into hysterical laughter and lose the plot completely.

It’s all worked out OK. 3’s wisdom tooth is out. 6 has a small problem in his left ventricle, but nothing serious.
5 is feeling well and his nerve damage healed.

It’s just me lagging behind on the healing. I wonder WHY?