Little Pooh

Little Pooh

Our little dog Pooh is the funniest dog I’ve ever known. Quite a story here on how she  came to live with us, as I have never, EVER, been a dog person.

I had just resigned from a job I had been in for 10yrs, and had hit a bit of a depressing slump. Circumstances were not good when I resigned and I had a lot of bitterness about having to leave a job because I couldn’t tolerate the behavior of my workmates.

One day after several weeks of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I asked the “universe” for some help. This is a bad habit of mine and usually means that 10 times the suffering is about to be doled out, by said Universe.

Pooh was first named Ruby and belonged to a very dear friend of mine. I went to visit her one day to see the new pup, and instantly fell in love. Which was handy, as my friend was having trouble getting around her house with a 3kg fluff ball attached to her feet. After a couple of falls my friend had decided she would try to re-home her pet. So began the adventures of Pooh…

We had to rename her, as Fitty’s 101yr old Grandmother, (that’s right 101!!), had already taken the name Ruby.

Didn’t take us long to find out that we had the stinkiest dog in the world. She let off in the car one day and we had to pull over and get out of the vehicle! We had to be careful where we walked as she would do her business in the most trafficked parts of our yard. We had named her very well indeed!

6,7 and 8 fell instantly in love with her, smelly or not. 4 is not to keen at all, and poor Pooh is often thwarted at her attempts to make 4 love her. The stinkiness really didn’t help!

Fitty hasn’t decided yet, he loves her and spoils her one minute and goes into tirades about her the next. At this point it would be prudent to point out that Fitty is the only person in the house to ever have anything chewed by the dog. This is because he leaves all his stuff in reach of her run chain. He has lost a few pairs of shoes, had the belt loops and cuffs chewed off his jeans and has to chase his tools around the yard. She doesn’t get our stuff because we don’t put it on offer. Fitty is slowly getting the point. He really liked the last pair of thongs she chewed up!

The funniest thing our little girl does is go absolutely bonkers if anyone says “Russians Pooh”, or “get the Russians”. This originated one night as we were watching a movie, “The Darkest Hour”, which was set in the Soviet Union. Pooh went mental throughout most of the movie, standing at the TV unit barking and whining. She really wanted in that movie, wanted to chase the light based alien forms through the streets! 6 said a couple of times “get em Pooh”, and the habit was born.

Now we entertain our visitors by letting them watch the dog race through the house searching for “Russians!”