Fitty and I were very excited to have 2, his lovely wife to be V, and 2 children stay overnight with us last night. It was a real pleasure to be around such a happy, relaxed young family! To see a young couple raising their little girl and boy with patience and love, whilst firmly instilling the very best of values in their children is a joy to behold these days. So very proud of them.

2 has just returned from duty in Afghanistan! The 6 months he was away were a long and hard wait for all of us, but especially for V. She had a new-born son, and 3yr old to take care of. She is an amazingly strong woman. Has coped beautifully with her children in his absence. I have never known a more relaxed, calm mum! This is why the children are so adorably well behaved and fuss free.

We have had a wonderful evening, the sun setting over the lake as we barbequed on the balcony. The children quietly playing, eating all their dinner and smiling away at Fitty and I. We are truly blessed.

I haven’t any biological grandchildren, yet… and I am more than happy to wait for that, but I can’t imagine feeling any differently when I do. I have an overwhelming amount of love for all the kids, and  can’t imagine “love” being able to differentiate between biological and non-biological.

Little 8 has been wonderful again, making sure the little ones were entertained, (even 7 showed some interest from time to time), but it is 8 who has a bit of a gift with small children. Earlier in the year when my neice came to visit from Coffs Harbour, bringing her 9month old daughter, 8 was the only other person in the house besides myself and my neice who the baby would let hold, calm or play with.  He is such a patient and loving little fellow.

2 and his lovely young family will return home to Qld soon, and will be very much missed by both our family and V’s. They will be back in March to celebrate their Wedding. If she lets me, I will post her picture, as I know she is going to be an absolutely stunning bride!

For now, they are with us, and I am waiting for them all to wake up, (as I wake with the birds each day), so I can breathe in the lovely sleepy, cuddly smells of tiny children first thing in the morning! Hurry up!