Here we are at the end of the year! I can’t say it’s been a really good one, but as years go it hasn’t been too bad. Healthwise – not so good. I had another little trip to the E.R. late yesterday afternoon.  A second infection has settled into my op-site!! More antibiotics and painkillers, it’s like Groundhog Day trying to heal. Every day I do exactly what my Doctor has told me to do. I have even gone beyond that and completely  changed my diet, by giving up meat, dairy, carbs and sugar in order to help the healing process. (The limitation of bacteria in the digestive tract is the idea behind this complete change of habits.) Yet everyday brings a new surprise. Some days are relatively pain free and I begin to hope for recovery, then I’ll wake up the next in incredible pain. On Christmas Day after 3 pretty good days, things began to change for the worse, resulting in yesterday’s hospital visit.

Normally, (having given birth 3 times), I leave my dignity at the door of the hospital, as my op-site is in my “nether-regions”. I have been forced to flash more times in the last month than a neon sign! Yesterday I was triaged by an ordinary looking male nurse, who then asked me to wait 10mins to see “The Doctor”.

Nothing could have prepared me for the vision that called my name 10 mins later! He was a 6 foot tall, blue eyed, dark haired young Adonis. He had the most amazing eyes and his voice was so smooth and calming. Here’s me plastered with sweat from the temp, hair scraped back into what can only be described as a nest. I limp after him with my little donut seat, which helps my poor tooshie cope with sitting. He is supportive. He is encouraging. He tells me I am a very sensible woman, and I AM doing everything right. He tells me my condition is a particularly painful and complicated one, and my chances of healing quickly are next to none.

All the time I’m thinking, I’m going to have to show this guy my toosh. Oh my god, how embarrassing. It’s not really been an issue before, but the combination of his looks and his exceptional patient skills has caused me a little consternation. It all turned out ok in the end, thanks to his professionalism and my bravado. He then explained in detail exactly what was going on and what steps I should take. He was the best young Doctor I’ve ever seen and I wish him the most excellent of futures.

Fitty is waiting for me and as I leave the E.R. I say to him “had to be Dr Dreamy in there.”

“Hmmmm?” Fitty replies

“Devastatingly good looking Doctor…”

“Oh”, (Fitty had been speaking to the male nurse who triaged me, and didn’t quite see the Dreamy connection).

“Yeah, that was hard, flashing the toosh at him.”

“Really? ummm, ok”

“Yeah, imagine YOU had to show a really hot young nurse your thang?”

Goofy smile from Fitty…

Ok stop now, stop imagining that Fitty. I bet he still is.