Happy New Year! I sure do hope so, the end of 2012 went out with a fizzle for me. I was asleep well before 12, zonked out on painkillers! 6 and I had spent a comfy evening on the lounge watching a movie. Fitty was out taking photos of the local  fireworks on NYE celebration. All in all it was a quiet night here in the lake shack. After all the activity of Christmas, the house feels empty and sad.

7 and 8 are back with their mum, I believe they went to see “The Hobbit” last night. 2 and his family are on their way back home to Qld, hope their journey is safe and happy! Fitty and I probably won’t see most of his older kids, (1,2 and 4)  again until the Big Wedding in March. 6 will go to his Dad’s today for a week, due to his recent bout of Glandular Fever, he has been home a lot with Fitty and I, so from tonight we’ll just be on our own.

It’s so hard to go from house full to house empty. There are still lots of things to do, but less people to do them for, it takes time for me to adjust. Little Pooh feels it too, she notices when the household shrinks and looks for the kids first thing every morning. She’ll do the rounds of the beds, sniffing and snuffling, trying to work out where they are. Poor little doggie…

We’ll cope, as we always do by keeping ourselves busy catching up on all the things we don’t prioritize whilst the kids are around. We’ll tidy up the house and yard, spend extra long sessions on our computers, have free reign of the TV remote, (no Disney Teen shows for a week!), and I will “mother” Fitty.

I will nag Fitty about everything. I’ll tell him it’s hot and he needs to drink more water, I’ll roust him for leaving food out of the fridge. I’ll pick up after him, sighing loudly enough for him to hear. I’ll tutt loudly in the bathroom after he shaves, as I clean up the litres of water spilt around the basin! I’ll ask him if he has a jumper and a hat when he goes out. I’ll transfer all my mothering on to him. In return Fitty will act like a teenager. Spending lots of his time skulking about avoiding me. He’ll be extra careful to do lots of annoying things just so I can be happy telling him off.

On the flip side, we’ll have long uninterrupted conversations. We’ll discuss the week ahead and get organized as to what we’ll all be doing. We’ll be able to hear phone conversations. We’ll sit on the couch together cuddled up watching documentaries. We’ll have easy dinners on the couch. (Don’t tell the kids, they’re not allowed to eat on the couch!) Mostly we’ll enjoy each other for a week, all the time waiting patiently for the noise, the squabbles and the fun to return.