If you’ve been reading lately you’ll understand that I have a bit of a problem with my health. I have a condition that is going to take super-human strength to overcome, but overcome it I will. I’m prepared to do anything, ANYTHING to put an end to this endless cycle of pain and infection. Fortunately I am not alone, and have lots of “internet buddies” who have been dealing with this condition for years to advise and help me.

The most important step is to eliminate those “man made” foods that my body hasn’t a hope of digesting. Processed foods such as bread, chips, sugar, cereals, soup mixes, basically anything that isn’t just natural grown food, is out. With the exception of grains, they are a no no for me for a few reasons, but mainly because they feed the wrong gut bacteria, causing it to run amok. Starchy foods like rice and potatoes, are also out. Unfortunately because of the severity of my case, (3 infections in 6 weeks), I have eliminated all but fresh fruit and vegies for the time being. I may also eat eggs and cheese. Thank goodness as sometimes I just feel like something a little bit more solid to eat. I cannot eat crackers or any other kind of processed yumminess.

I found this diet on line just before Christmas, poor me sat there watching everybody else pigging out on all the food Fitty and I had prepared, and there I was munching on lettuce, tomato, and cheese. I did allow myself a tiny piece of ham that day, and 3 days later was back in the E.R. with another infection!

Fitty loves a good band-wagon to throw himself on, and has begun to make the expected noises. “We should all be eating this diet”, “the kids would benefit so much, we all would”, “this is the way we are supposed to be eating!” I agree completely, however I know it will be a struggle to get the kids off the chemicals they seem to be addicted to in their super-processed food. Some of the ingredients are just numbers. This has got to have parents concerned?

He marched around the supermarket with me, wholeheartedly supportive, and bought almost half their produce! Our fridge looks pretty healthy right now.

I am finding it hard to feel full, as I am so used to over eating the wrong foods, (that just sit in the gut causing trouble). I find it helps to have a little snack every couple of hours, a handful of grapes, a slice of cheese, an avocado mashed with lemon juice, a couple of slices of tomato. It’s hard getting used to not eating bread, just eating these foods on their own. I have also lost a lot of weight. I was probably carrying an extra few kilo’s anyway, and have found that my weight is slowly stabilizing. As much as it feels good to have the old skinny clothes on, it is alarming to find yourself losing a kilo a day! I am hoping that as the pain lessens over the weeks ahead, (please god), that my body will start to cope a lot better with the illness, and stop being so silly.

Meanwhile Fitty has been in the kitchen, pulling out all the appliances we never used, getting them ready for operation. He made me a lovely mango smoothie for breakfast yesterday morning, using only a couple of really ripe mangoes and ice. It was amazing! You really can enjoy foods in simple form, once you wrap your head around the fact that your old habits were so bad for your body.