Yep! Again…back in hospital.

”Turns out I need another surgery. What started out as a pretty normal day quickly turned sour on us. Off we went to the local GP, Fitty is my chauffer at the moment as I am usually off my face on pain killers. It also hurts  to use the pedals (and you’d be surprised how much you use those booty muscles to hang on when driving)! I’m not looking forward to him going back to work, then Magoo gets to drive me around!

Anyways, there we sat, my pain increasing by the minute, waiting to see the doc. I knew something was badly wrong, but I just didn’t want to go back to hospital, again. The doctor had other ideas…

So here I sit, after a lovely sleep-over in surgical ward, waiting patiently for theatre, nothing to eat or drink since midnight last night. Things could be worse, I could also be dying for a cigarette! Haven’t had a problem since day one! So pleased with myself.

Fitty is doing great too. He gets a little irritated by the patches, poor thing, big red squares remain when he takes one off.I think he may have to seek an alternative soon. In the meantime he has such an increased energy level he has done amazing things at home. Fitty really isn’t keen on the idea of renovating, he’s a building designer by day, and knows all the ins and outs, but also knows how rough it’s going to be to live through t all. I can picture 6,7 and 8 running around with little hard hats and tool belts on already! They’re very keen to update the house. Bathroom tiles are falling off and I haven’t been able to open or close a cupboard door in the kitchen for years, as there aren’t any! Just one left and it falls off if you look at it too hard….

Back from surgery now, awake and ready to start the whole healing process all over again. I didn’t plan on blogging about my health non stop, but it’s such a huge part of every day right now, you’ll just have to put up with the whinging for a little while longer.