Home is all the things you love, the familiar things you like to have around you. I wandered through the front door and breathed a huge sigh of relief, even though the temperature was around 37 degrees!

Fitty had the house clean and shiny, all that extra energy he has from not smoking is really paying off. I’m really starting to dread him going back to work! He had to play in his band last night, (at the club where I work). They are a great band covering popular blues and rock tunes. He said they had a great night, and the best news is that almost the whole band has given up smoking!! How great is that? There’s just one left to convince, c’mon M!

On family matters, 6 is still at the ex’s, 7 and 8 with their mum, they should be coming home soon, I hope? We have slipped a bit off schedule, due to the different things that are happening over the holiday break. Things should get back on track soon so we are in our routine for the start of the school year.

Very excited that 7 is starting High School this year. Cannot wait to see her in her uniform and blazer. She is the first of our kids to go to private school! She is a gifted student and will do very well there. To only have three left at school makes us feel old, but the other kids are doing so well, all achieving their goals happily. We really are blessed with this lot, they all get along, they are all working and have lovely partners and friends.

After three days of having meals arrive on a tray, I was pretty keen to get back into the kitchen and into some healthy food! The meals in hospital were good, but of course contained a lot of the foods I had been trying to avoid. I arrived home about lunch time, craving eggs! So I scrambled a couple with some diced tomato and a little grated cheese. Yum! Still finding it hard without bread of any kind, so used to throwing things on toast! I was going to cook up a batch of spinach for dinner with red capsicum and onion. I usually stir fry the lot after steaming the spinach first for a couple of minutes. This is a really great dish, especially if you throw in some Feta cheese. Unfortunately not allowed the Feta…. anyway was in a bit of pain at dinner time and put a salad together and went to bed instead. Looking forward to the spinach tonight. Maybe Fitty will cook it for me, as it just seems to taste better when  he cooks it. He has a gift for caramelizing onion!

Will have to get Fitty to hide all the Christmas goodies left over. We have a whole basket of chocolates and shortbread etc. that haven’t been touched yet. How I stared at them last night, finally giving in and eating one tiny chocolate. They’ll disappear quickly enough when the kids get home, and when they are gone that’s it!

We have decided not to buy any chips or processed biscuits for the kids lunch boxes. Instead they will find things like cheese, strawberries/blueberries, celery and carrot sticks, apples, oranges, nectarines and perhaps we will have a go at making our own muesli bars using honey instead of tonnes of processed sugar. Fitty and the kids are still going to be eating bread and meat, and hopefully soon I will introduce meat back into my diet. Depends on how I go with pain over the next couple of weeks.

Any recipes would be greatly appreciated, plus any other ideas you might have for school lunches?