In Australia, it is traditional for every man to own a shed. This is the place where he can go to be a “man”, and “do man stuff”. For Fitty, this is a small aluminum garden shed that he has spent the last few days, (between visits to me while I have been living it up in hospital), cleaning out. It was full of the kind of junk families accumulate over the years, broken boogie boards, too small bikes, tonnes of electronic gear that Fitty has been hoarding for years etc. He’s cleaned and stacked half of it with the stuff he couldn’t bear to throw out, and has made himself a little radio shack, come computer desk. Fitty has an interest in speaking to foreigners on his blah blah radio.

I try to keep out of it as one day my brain WILL explode from all the technical info Fitty feeds into it, entirely unnecessarily! I have learned not to make innocent comments like, “oh look at that star, it’s so bright!” Fitty will tell me exactly what it’s name and position in the sky is, where it will be next week, what constellation it belongs to, where I can expect to see it next month and on and on until I discreetly back into the house murmuring excuses about having to put out a fire or something.

I can hear 1 and 4, and 7 laughing their heads off, they really understand my grief on this point. WE ARE GIRLS damnit! We don’t care! We just want to do pretty things and smell lovely!

Having said that, the girls are intelligent and capable people who would no doubt surprise us with a screwdriver and and IKEA box. It’s just that we want to be able to comment to Fitty on something without learning all about it! Please?

It’s not that I don’t appreciate all that intelligence smashed into his brain, I benefit from it every day. If we don’t have it and we need it, chances are Fitty can make it, or resource it in no time.

I do, I really do appreciate him!

He’s out in the shed right now, either talking to someone in the Philippines about the weather, or some Italian guy he can’t really understand on the blah blah radio! I am getting used to him not being beside me on his computer, whilst I type away on mine, but it’s lonely in here…and now he’s got another computer set up out there, I may not see him much at all. I can always lure him inside with a nice cup of tea I suppose?

On a happier note, 7 will be coming home today, 8 has arranged to go to a friends house, so I will have a very girly day with 7, whilst we mourn the loss of our Fitty to the shed.

6 and 8 will return home on Tuesday. So happy, I love having the kids home again!

Am doing doing well in regards to the diet! Here’s yesterdays meals: breakfast, one banana, and a coffee, (it is allowed on the diet, weak with no milk), I can’t help it tho, just one with milk and sugar and I’m ok for the day. For lunch I stirfried a heap of vegies in butter, tsp honey and soy sauce, (brocilli, carrot, green beans, red onion, red and green capsicum, and garlic). Fitty loved it! For dinner he made the spinach. It was great, but I really am missing the feta in it. Not allowed feta, wrong bacteria! Sad face. We substituted fresh parmesan instead.