Several days ago 7 and 8 returned to us from their mum’s with long faces. I wondered what had happened to make them so sad. It turns out their mum had banned them from their computer and iPod’s! Such a face 7 was pulling, it looked like she was ready to cry.

Fitty and I have made it a rule to back up any punishment they get from the other home and so we agreed, no technology.

It’s astounding how much time the kids spend on these devices. I have been saying for such a long time, “go outside and play!” “When I was a kid I hated being cooped up inside! “It’s such a beautiful day”, I would say. They always have an argument, “it’s too hot, too cold, too boring!” They are only just beginning to realize what boring is!

It’s not just the little ones either, often when our older children visit, the first thing they do is wander around the house finding the perfect spot to get reception on their phones! They check constantly for new messages. It’s as if they are going to miss the comment of the year if they don’t check every 5 minutes. I have complained to my son’s and their girlfriends about this, but the habit is so ingrained it may take a surgical procedure to remove the phone from the palm!

Fitty recently gave me an iPhone, until then I had been using a very ancient Sony Ericson circa 19??. (Fitty has now gone to research the exact year and model of my old phone, as I made the mistake of asking him about when it was made!!) See, I told you what he was like!

Ok research complete… the phone was manufactured in 2003! Thanks Fitty….no Fitty please stop telling me about it’s features, I used the darn thing for years!!

Anywho, did it turn me into a texting maniac? Did I have to check the thing every 5 minutes.? Did I interrupt conversations when it beeped? Noooo. I’m still trying to work out how to get the photo’s from it onto my computer! (I’d really like to add some photos to my blog,) I’m going to ask 6 or 7 to help me, as I don’t want to listen to the history of computer/photo technology from Fitty. He will have me ready for the nut house by the time I “get it”. 7 will just calmly show me, eager to help with anything that gets her near a keyboard!

6 is a little annoyed that he has been dragged into this “punishment” as well. He is the one that probably needs the most help. At 15 he is addicted to the games on his PS3, and often stays up well into the night playing when we think he is asleep. Over the last couple of days we have seen more of the kids than ever! Sure most of the time they are squabbling, something they rarely had time for when they were glued to a screen, but I have had moments of pure joy, watching them talk quietly and laugh. Enjoying each others company. Playing silly little games, like paper, scissors, rock. We have even dragged out a few board games, and spent a couple of hours playing them. I so enjoy this time as it reminds me of my own childhood, growing up in a family of six kids. The fun of playing a game, all the arguments over rules, the laughs when somebody has to back up spaces, the thrill of winning! The kids are enjoying it as much as we are! Admittedly I have to play as well, or they aren’t interested, but as I said, it’s fun!

Little Pooh is getting a lot more attention as well. She almost has an appointment book for games and cuddles. The kids love to play with her as she is such a maniac. You only have to say “run Pooh”, and she takes off round the living room, dodging furniture and people. It’s her favorite game, chase me!

Going to be another hot one here in the Bega Valley today! Wish I could go for a swim! The risk of infection is just too great, so it’s another sweltering day for me. The Nut is going to come and watch a movie with me today, as 3 is working on cars all day. Should be a day full of laughs anyway, even if we are both melting!