How I love an early morning! I’ve been sleeping in a bit lately, which is highly unusual for me. I suppose it’s the heat and all the pain-killers taking their toll. Around 3am this morning we had a lovely fall of rain, just enough to wet the ground and cool the air. It was so nice to listen to it laying in bed, but I had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep, so Fitty and I had a nice quiet chat. He is suffering from the worst cold/flu! Poor thing woke up with conjunctivitis today. He’s been coughing all morning too. We both gave up trying to sleep and here we are in the still dark morning, drinking our morning cuppas and having a bit of time to ourselves before the kids wake up.

An update on the technology war, the kids are doing heaps more than they usually would around the house, playing more with each other, and talking non stop to Fitty and I. 7 is especially charming, the girl who once had her head stuck in her computer or iPod, is now trailing around the house behind me talking continuously! I can’t believe the change in her. She’s gone from grunting and sullen, resenting being spoken to whilst concentrating on her “stuff” to being a lovely 12 year old. She is showing so much more maturity these days. 8 is not so communicative about things, and I can see that he misses the computer, but he has always been happy to spend time doing other things, and I think he’s relishing the extra time with his father and I while we are not working.

6 is a bit sneakier and will disappear to his and 8’s room to play the PS3 whenever he gets a chance, keeps saying it’s the school holidays, why can’t I stay up late, play my games etc. He has also been spending a lot more time with us though, and it’s been amazing to see them all playing and mucking around together. I would strongly urge all parents to do the same with their kids. We are realizing just how much we have missed out on as a family, letting them have more or less free reign with their gadgets. So thanks 7 and 8’s mum! You gave us all a kick in the right direction!

I’ve been plugging on with my diet, trying with all my might to resist the few goodies we are still allowing the kids to have. I cannot help but have a small piece of chocolate each day, as we have so many left from Christmas. They are just THERE. Calling out to me to eat one, how can I resist? I guess one tiny choccie isn’t going to hurt me but I’ll be glad when they are all gone.

I finally seem to be feeling better, have started a new medication, prescribed by a random locum, (as my doc is away), which is actually working! I am having a little less pain. Walking around is getting easier, and I’m needing shorter lay down rests throughout the day. I even spent a bit of time in the laundry yesterday, and bathed the dog. Fitty was narking her for being stinky! She is a little white fluffball again, smelling pretty, and snoring away at my feet as I write this. She’s going to miss me when I finally return to work next week…

Mostly hoping today is a better day for Fitty. He is trying so hard to get over his flu and cravings for nicotine, but I suspect he needs a little more time. Preferably on his own in the man shed?