Healthy Dinner

Healthy Dinner

It’s a very quiet house I have woken up to today. Fitty has returned to work, 7 has gone to a friends house for the day and 6 has gone to the local skate park to hang out with friends. That leaves lil old 8 and me at home to enjoy the peace and quiet.

I still haven’t gotten used to this new medication I’m on, seems to make me want to sleep half the day away, which is really annoying! I miss my bird songs in the morning, and watching the sun come up. Will just have to start going to bed earlier I guess, hopefully not to wake at 3am again.

I think I may finally be getting re-wired in my brain to stop reaching for the old convenience foods, and reaching for something healthy instead. It would appear by the lack of fruit in our bowl that the kids have too. This is so good to see. 8 is a little on the chubby side, and I have been encouraging him to make better food choices for a long time. It was a lot harder when we kept a range of processed food in the house. Fitty and I decided that when they got through the current lot of crap, we would begin to replace it with smarter choices. It will be a lot easier when they return to school, we will just pack their lunches, and if they don’t want to starve, they’ll eat them!

Currently 6 stands in front of the fridge staring at all the fruit and vegetables, looking for something that won’t take any effort to make, and 7 and 8 are just as bad. They seem to still be searching for the easy food. I think this is many parent’s problem as well. Kids aren’t really into food preparation. Sometimes 7 and 8 get excited and help their father or myself cook, but not very often. Kids have become used to reaching for a wrapper, ripping it open and getting that instant satisfaction. Most fridges and pantries are full of these kinds of foods, biscuits, puddings, yoghurt –  you name it, it’s probably full of sugar and fat and has little or no nutritional value. It’s much better to reach for a piece of fruit, although you must provide a good selection, make sure some of your fruits are lower in sugar than things like grapes and watermelon. Apples, pears, peaches and oranges are all good choices.

I believe I have never eaten better in my life. I eat only things that I know haven’t been processed or added to in any way chemically. This means spending a little more money, but I really have some good motivation in terms of my recovery and health issues. If I want to continue getting infections and being unhealthy, then I can always return to my old diet.

This eating plan originally started out as a desperate measure to stop my body from getting terrible infections and ending up requiring hospital stays and surgery. It is now about so much more than that. Fitty and I have discovered through research and talking to people in the know, that most of what our children eat is not even digestible for them, full of chemicals and food that is not really food? This made us really stop and think. We are much more comfortable now, knowing what the kids are eating, preparing good healthy meals for them from scratch, and allowing them to “forage” a bit for their snacks.