It occurred to me this morning (whilst staring into the mirror searching for signs of life), that I’ve been so busy looking after the inner me, I have completely neglected my outer shell.

My eyebrows have begun to creep together in the middle, forming a spikey ridge of unplucked hairs. My leg hair is now almost as long as the hair on my head, and my once golden crown of meticulously washed and blow-dried hair, is hanging in limp spaghetti strings down the sides of my face.

Admittedly I only ever shave my legs if I am attending a wedding or some other gloriously fabulous occasion, I stopped bothering with regular leg upkeep when 5 was born! (I needed both arms in a straight-jacket.)

5 had reflux….bad. He only stopped crying when he was being pushed at 90klms an hour in the pram, or had a boobie crammed into his face. So there I learned priorities, eating and sleeping for 5 minutes a day far overtook my need for smooth, hair free legs! Once 6 came along 2 and a half years later, I was wearing my partners clothes (even underpants sometimes), as life had become so busy and I just didn’t care how I looked. Nobody minded, I had 3 young boys, full of energy and fun. I would’ve looked like a right pillock standing beside their grubby little selves in my tiara wouldn’t I?

Years later I returned to my work in hospitality and a new habit was born! I would wash and blow-dry my hair, put make-up on, (something I never, ever did before,) and leave the house looking kind of respectable. All it took was a medical disaster, and here I am back in my robe every day, unwashed hair, mono-brow forming, with braid-able leg hair. You don’t need to look like a fashion model to go to the doctor or pharmacy, so I don’t.

Pretty soon now, in 6 days in fact, I will be returning to work. It’s been about 6 weeks since I have worked a whole day. I tried, stubbornly to return 3 times in that period, but ended up in agony or hospital each time. I finally feel up to it, and am really looking forward to seeing all my mates at work. I also look forward to telling stories about them, quite a few nuts in that basket!  They are the most amazing bunch of people, and I have truly missed them.

I have 6 days to try and get myself groomed. At least with my healthy diet my skin is looking better than it has in years. I almost have that pregnancy glow! I cannot urge you old girls enough to have a good look at what you are eating, and to throw away all that genetically modified, chemically addictive crap. I feel better inside and out, and so will you.

On the home front, the pantry is nearly empty of all that processed food. The last corn chip has been crunched, and I think there is only one packet of noodles left. There will probably be a war over that, so I better chuck it in the bin. The choccies have been forgotten by all but me. Fitty hid them from me, then 7 came home and found them on the shelf in her room. He’ll have to do better than that!

My little heroes are still hanging around the computer when I’m on it, and have been steering me round the facebook and youtube world, manipulating me to look here and watch this, but I don’t mind, they are happy and bright, no longer glazed about the eyes and grouchy from lack of life and fresh air.

It’s all good here. Now I’m off to find the hedge trimmers!!