T and Me.

T and Me.

Today is the day I get to catch a baby!

Seriously, having given birth several times myself, I have never actually seen a real live birth with my own eyes. I remember the nurses asking me if I wanted a mirror so I could watch my sons being born. I can also remember replying “”aaarrrggg uuuurragggh eeeeeee uuuummmph!??!” A negative response translated skillfully by said nurses. I deeply admire those women who are with it enough to focus on a mirror, or focus on anything, during labor. I was so busy trying to catch a breath and yell at the ex for expedient death, to bother with watching anything! So today I get my chance..

My beautiful wonderful best friend has asked me to be her support person during her Cesarian Section to deliver her second child. Her hubby fainted during delivery of their darling 2yr old daughter, and they are hesitant to let him back in. He is even hesitant-er!

T and I have been friends for over 10 years. We started out as work buddies, who bonded together almost immediately to fight against the cause of hard work and rude patrons. She totally had my back in every situation. In return, I had hers. T is an only child and was doted on by both her parents. One thing she always wanted, was a brother or sister. The relationship we have developed over the past decade has been full of fun and joy. Mostly. Thankfully we have been there for each other as we lost our fathers. Mine in 2002 and T’s in 2010. Her strength (which she doesn’t know she’s got), and her beautiful heart, her loyalty and her amazing smile, have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. T’s mum is also a very dear friend. I often call her my “other mother”, even though she is not that much older than I am. She mothers me anyway, and I can see that I am as special to her as she is to me. Thanks D for always being there for both of us.

I have watched T go through some pretty rough patches as she was in her early 20’s when we first met. Break ups and make ups, house mate issues and of course we had our times when, especially at work and under stress, we would lose it and tell each other exactly how we felt. This is why I love her so much. We are more like sisters than friends, as we have never held a grudge and have unconditional love for each other. We can go anywhere with each other, say anything, and we always end up closer than before.

You probably won’t believe this, but we are connected in a very unusual way. When T was pregnant with her first baby, I had all the symptoms. She had no idea she was pregnant! I was so convinced I’d messed up somehow and was miraculously pregnant that I bought a test and visited the doctor. Both assured me that I was off my rocker. (a) I was in my 40’s, (b) Fitty has had “the Operation”. I was convinced one of those little  suckers had broken through the barrier and found the one lonely egg hanging around my uterus to bully and pick on.

It was while I was telling T all about this that she suddenly went white. I mean WHITE and said,”omygodwhenwasyourlastperiod?” We, (as women who spend a lot of time together do) had matching cycles, and she always knew she was due for one, while I was being a bitch “on” one. So of course she used the spare test I had and went even whiter.

This time I was in Perth when T fell pregnant. Fitty and I were over on a conference for his work and the whole time I kept saying. T’s pregnant again. I had all the same symptoms but this time I was pretty sure what was going on. I called her as soon as I got home. “When are you going to tell me?” I asked. “How the hell do you know already? I only just peed on the stick 5 minutes ago!”

So there you have it. I am nuts.

I am incredibly lucky to not have suffered morning sickness and labor pains huh? T is one of those cases who just can’t deliver naturally. Shame, she thinks. I tell her she’s missing out on a Mac Truck driving through her abdomen every minute or so, and she looks at me like she doesn’t really believe me….I think it’s a a good thing she’ll never know if I’m lying or not.

I’m off to the hospital now, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be a far more spiritual person when I get back.