Wow! I’m totally blown away by this whole experience! I will never be able to thank T enough for letting me be there for her and little “JJ” at the moment of his birth. I am completely in love with this new little man!

I got to the Maternity Wing at around 8am and T and I quietly chatted, (well she was pretty quiet), I was like an little kid, rambling excitedly from one subject to the next! We were joined by D, (T’s hubby) and her two year old daughter shortly after. At around 9am they came to take T away to prep her for the Cesar. They came and got me 20 mins later, and then I stood around outside the operating theatre while they administered this and that to T.

During that time I was dressed in scrubs and hanging around outside theatre, I was approached no less than 3 times by visiting surgeons and asked questions about the procedure and layout of the Operating Suite. This was hilarious, and if I hadn’t been so nervous for T, I could have had a lot of lunatic fun “playing nurse” for real! I addressed the first real nurse I saw, and said, “you guys really should have different coloured gowns or hats for visitors!” I told her what had happened and she said she’d bring it up at the next meeting, she also added that the surgeons wouldn’t remember something as simple as hat colours anyway, as they are all visitors from other hospitals! Teaching Hospitals get pretty crazy I expect?

I digress, after standing around for what seemed like ages, I was finally led to T. She was so serene and calm, I thought “piece of cake”,(during my emergency c-section with 6, my arms were vibrating with the shakes.)

It was a piece of cake! My best friend is so amazing, she was so patient! She looked concerned a few times, but no real problems.

At the moment they pulled the baby from her, I saw the most beautiful little face. He came out so clean and lovely, with a perfectly handsome face. I knew straight away he was a boy, and said to T, “that’s a boy face”, and lo and behold, caught a glimpse of the right equipment seconds later. “It’s a boy, it’s a beautiful boy”.

At times throughout the day I would watch D looking proudly at his son, and nearly cry! Grandma D was beside herself with pride, she now has 2 of the most good looking grandchildren ever, to crow about! What a happy family they are. C was quite happy to kiss her new brother, but as most 2 yr olds, she was just as happy running around making us laugh!

The rest of the day was spent watching T and her family, with her new baby, marveling at what a natural she was with her newborn. He fed voraciously throughout the day, and wet enough nappies to keep me busy! T was in a lot of pain so I hung around until quite late in the evening to help her with things. During that time we talked, and tried not to laugh too much, poor T! I was so glad I was able to be there for her, and provide comfort to both of them. I felt very privileged to have seen those first moments of a new life. I also feel like the bond between T and I has deepened once again. I only hope I get to repay her one day for the blessing she has bestowed on me.

I can’t wait to get back to them today!

Hello Mummy! Tand JJ

Hello Mummy! Tand JJ

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