I am really, really struggling to wake up in the morning. My new medication makes me feel so “drugged”, but is helping with the pain so much that I can’t give it a miss. I’m starting to behave like Fitty, grouching around until I get my morning coffee. The medication makes it hard for me to fall asleep, and then makes it almost impossible to wake up, I haven’t woken with the birds for ages.

Fitty on the other hand, seems to have gotten over the cranks! I knew he would get there, and I’m so glad to have him back. He’s still got that crazy look in his eye and is still very hyperactive, but he’s a lot happier now.

Yesterday at work I felt like my head was stuffed with cotton wool until around midday. My energy was there, I scooted around busily enough, but I really had to think about things like computer passwords! I eventually just let my fingers remember, clever little buggers knew all along. I found as the day progressed I fell easily into my old routines, it was just that first few hours that I had trouble, and I’m pretty sure it was because of the medication.

It was lovely to be back and see all those familiar faces. The patrons have been missing me, and I’ve missed a lot of them. My work bestie was on night shift, but I managed to spend a few minutes with him as I finished. I had missed him so much, I’m sure he is unaware of just how much his friendship means to me, and how he helps to make my day brighter. I’ll be working with him all day today and I’m really looking forward to a proper catch up.

I haven’t much time this morning, the minutes pass too quickly, and I must rush off to be ready for work. I’m hoping to get used to this medication soon, as my morning routine feels sluggish and slow, instead of relaxing and happy the way it used to be. It’s all about that early morning start! Any ideas?