The kids are back, well 7 and 8 are home, 6 is being picked up today. One day late, as he had one of those teen parties going on. He’ll be back with us soon, and probably looking for junk food. Which he won’t find.

Over the last week Fitty and I have been talking a lot about food and our previous habits. We are in the process of deciding what will constitute a “treat” for the children, and I guess for us as well. We are much happier eating natural organic food, and have both noticed our energy levels and our general feeling of well being uplifted by our change in eating.

I have all the ingredients ready to make a loaf of grain-free bread, something I have been looking forward to doing, as I have missed bread most of all. I never ate a lot of  bread, but found it handy to bring a sandwich from home for lunch at work. Now I cut up fruit, or cheese and raw vegetables. I steam veggies, and make stir-fry’s. It just takes a little more time than I’m used to, and I’ve learned to make a little extra at dinner the night before, (hide it from Fitty), and take it to work the next day.

Yesterday was fairly busy at work and I was constantly going back and forth between the bar and my tab office. I fell in a heap when I got home, my muscles felt like I had been doing a work out at the gym! A hot bath and some steamed veggies got me going again, now all I have to do is find some energy to do some housework. The whole week the kids have been gone, Fitty and I have been pretty relaxed, and looking around, it shows!

Busy day for me and the kids today, off to the Doctor, then to do the shopping, which now means the fresh food market and a very quick stop at the supermarket! Feels good to not buy all that poisonous processed crap, anything we want, we can make from real food, from tomato sauce to grain free desserts! The kids were enthralled as I showed them some Paleo recipes for desserts last night. If they taste as good as they look, we are onto a winner. I have told the kids to get used to not eating sweet food. There is more than enough sugar in fruit, and these desserts will be “treats”, not an every day thing. They seem to be ok with that, and I think they have noticed the change in Fitty and I. We are happier, healthier, and more on the ball than ever.

I just hope 6 doesn’t react too badly, when he gets home!!