Worked my first night shift last night, thinking that a Thursday night would be nice and easy on me. I’m already a bit stiff and sore in the muscles from all the moving around at work this week! Last night wasn’t too busy, but it was one of those nights that had me constantly on the go, back and forth. My poor body is really feeling the strain after all those weeks of rest. Of course I didn’t get home until after 11.30pm so sleep wasn’t on the agenda until well after 1.00am. Some of us hospitality workers have a hard time winding down after a shift. I find it especially hard as I do a lot of balancing cash and paperwork at the end of my shift, which leaves my brain switched on for ages. I am so jealous of those people who can finish work and go straight to sleep…

Lucky Magoo rang me this morning, or I’d still be snoozing away. Still not winning with the medication, doesn’t seem to matter when I take it, I still have to pull myself out of a deep sleep every morning. My head feels stuffed with cotton wool for the first few hours after waking. I’m going to the doctor today to discuss alternatives as I can’t cope with it anymore, I feel tired and groggy 50% of the day. Not good enough with my demanding job and busy family life. Everyone is going back to school next week, and there is a lot to do!!

This has been one of the most frustrating times of my life. I feel so good at the moment, due to the dietary changes we have made here at home, but at the same time, my body is in a constant state of infection, being masked by antibiotics. As soon as I am off the antibiotics, I start to slip back into the unwell category again. I’m starting to wonder when this is all going to end! At least my body is now healthy. The diet really has made a difference to the level of pain and inflammation I experience, but unfortunately it can’t take the place of surgical/medical care. If I’m lucky, the MRI I’m having soon will show up the problem, it can be dealt with, and I’ll be on my way to complete recovery. I cannot stay on antibiotics for ever.

On a happier note, planning a visit with T today and her gorgeous babes. She is home and settling in well, I have been leaving her alone a bit whilst I started back to work, and I feel a visit is long overdue. She sounds very happy on the phone and little C is full of energy, keeping Mum busy. She is a very generous little girl and I think she’ll be a marvelous big sister. I can’t wait until JJ grows up enough for them to play together! I can’t wait to see C’s eyes light up as she sees me, she gets very excited when I go there, and shows me all the toys that have taken her fancy that day. She’s such a lovely little girl, she’s very special to me, not to mention being the apple of her Grandma’s eye, she’s a lucky little girl.

Back to work for another night shift tonight, then a couple of fun shifts on the weekend, Saturday being the busiest day, I get another tab work mate, which is often hilarious, we have a lot of fun together between customers.

Really looking forward to my days off next week!!