I don’t know about you, but I have always wondered where men get the idea that they are more entitled than women. The guys I work with are mostly great. I very much enjoy their company, and many of them have fine senses of humour and good work ethics. The rest of them would have a hard time doing anything, if there was an able bodied female to do it for them. The ratio of men to women is about 7 to 1, so whenever I get to work with another woman I am happy. Happy because I know I won’t be doing a majority of the running around. I don’t know why we (women) worked so hard for equality, when we are still basically in the same boat at work as our mother’s were! At home we have a choice, we can make our marriages work the way we want, if we choose wisely enough. When we get to work however, there is a whole (usually) male hierarchy in place and woe betide the female who tries to have a fair go!

I think a lot of my work problems stem from the fact that a majority of the men I work with are over or nearing 50. This is great in terms of getting along and being able to identify with each other generationally, (did I make this word up?), however I think a lot of them go home to the couch and a hot dinner. There are of course exceptions. My work bestie is a great man, who I can count on to share in the work load. He never disappears on me, and is always doing something. It’s not often you see him standing around. Another male friend of mine is the same. We pitch in and do it all together. A few of the younger ones work well while we are very busy, and then slack right off. As soon as there are only a few customers at the bar at one time, they disappear into the back room, checking their mobile phone facebook accounts! They aren’t even supposed to have a phone at work!

Unfortunately this goes for the younger girls as well. It’s a joke the way some young people approach work. Their attitude is to come in and stand about until they want to leave to do something fun. They nag like crazy to get let off work early, or invent injuries or illness and go “home”. They are then spotted at all hours down at the local pub.

One thing I find particularly hard to deal is when someone is given authority, say a supervisors position, for no reason that any one of us can understand. This is the person who never seems to do anything much, bitches behind everyone’s back, doesn’t seem to have any reason other to be at work than to stand around earning money, deserts the job when it gets busy and is never to be found when actually needed. I often wonder if I was to behave in this fashion, how long my job would last, ah but I’m FEMALE!

I had a rotten night with a person just like this last night. Having a job with two responsibilities you would think that people would respect the fact that you were very busy in your predominant position? Not so with this ape. I was expected to be both in the tab and behind the bar at the same time, while others ignored customers in favour of cleaning, or just standing out the back talking. You would think someone in a supervisors position would do a bit better than that wouldn’t you?

I read recently that some mad scientist was trying to find a woman who was prepared to surrogate “Neanderthal Man”. He’d decided that he could genetically recreate the species and bring it to life. I couldn’t decide whether this was a joke news item or not, one thing I was sure of however, was that Neanderthal Man was alive and living right there at my work! http://news.discovery.com/human/evolution/surrogate-mother-wanted-neanderthal-baby-130122.htm

I have a wonderful partner, who treats me as an equal, we make decisions together, we clean and cook and work together in the family home. Fitty and I like to think we are setting a good example for our sons and daughters. I particularly try to ensure my sons are prepared to go into their adult lives with the idea that love and partnership/marriage is a fair exchange, and not a deal where they get to go to work, then come home and be waited on. If all parents were conscious of the fact that the children we are raising are the workers of the future perhaps life would become a whole lot easier for everyone.

I’ve had my rant, what is your experience? Are you treated like a second class citizen at your work place?