I am a very proud step-mother. My nagging has finally paid off. That’s right mothers, keep whinging and whining! If it worked for me, it will work for you too.

7 has finally brushed her hair! Not only did she brush her hair, she braided into two very neat plaits hanging down either side of her beautiful little face and dressed in a way that definitely showed her femininity. Yesterday Fitty was playing in his band at an Australia Day concert at one of the local hotels. It was a family day, and before I went to work I told 7 that the nest of hair she keeps tied up at the back of her head, really needed a brush. I don’t know why, but this child simply refuses to brush her hair. Day after day she brushes the front, scrapes it back into a pony-tail and rolls it into the messiest bun I’ve ever seen!

Yesterday was the day my nagging paid off. When I arrived to join Fitty and the kids after my shift ended, a very neat, very pretty 7 greeted me. I know I’m silly, but I’m sure other mothers of boys will understand where I’m coming from.

Being blessed with three boys has it’s downside. Sure I would have kept my head with King Henry the Eighth, but not one of my boys would let me put ribbons in their hair. It was so unfair! I tried endless times to play “dress ups” with them, the only one that ever showed any promise was 5. I caught 5 in one of my bra’s one day, and promptly took a photo. This photo has been kept and will be displayed at 5’s 21st birthday. (Don’t tell him as he has already tried to destroy it many times!)

You simply cannot imagine how blessed I feel now that I have 3 very beautiful step-daughters to cherish. They are all the most wonderful girls, caring and loving, full of fun and brilliantly clever. I am so in love with these girls, so proud of every little thing they do, sometimes I could just burst.

When 7 had her Year 7 Formal last year, I was very excited. It fell on our week with the kids, and I was surprised when 7 asked me to do her hair. She is a very sporty little thing, always dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Fitty and I went shopping one year and bought her about 10 dresses, (we even saw her wear one once)! For her Formal, she wore a lovely dress and I “waterfall braided” her hair. It was a dream come true for me.

I am well aware that this is my problem, having been 7’s step-mum since she was nearly 5, I looked forward to all the frilly, girly things we could do together. I dreamed of shopping trips and trying on dresses together for hours!

Reality check – 7 hates shopping. She’d rather be anywhere else but in a fitting room!

surfer girl 7

surfer girl 7


1 and  4

I’ve slowly accepted this over the years, she is who she is and I’m secretly proud of her ability to stay true to herself.

4 is the ultimate female. She loves pretty dresses, she always says “YES!”, to a shopping trip, and will spend hours trolling through the racks with me. I became so used to helping her choose items to try on, that now, years after she has left home, I still shop as if she’s with me. I’m always saying “4 would love that dress, it would look divine on her”!

1 is also a very talented beauty, who excels at her work. She has recently been promoted to a very exciting position in her Company. Fitty and I are so proud of her, she is the hardest worker I’ve ever known. Devoting herself to her job. This girl is going to have the most wonderful life, she deserves every special thing that comes her way. She turned 25 yesterday, on Australia Day. We missed being with her on this very special day, but she has wonderful friends who have made the occasion one she will never forget.

I’ve said it before, and I don’t mind saying again, I am truly blessed to be their step-mum.