Today will be a big day for me, I’m off to the country’s capital to have an MRI.

I’m worried. Not so much about what it will show, nor really about the process itself. I’m worried about not being able to stay still!

I’m one of those constantly jittering, leg crossing, always moving something people. I simply cannot sit still! I remember it used to drive my father insane. He would often just reach out and hold my swinging legs still, or place a hand on the jittering foot. He didn’t need to say anything, his eyes said it all. Nowadays I’m still doing it, only nobody stops me. It doesn’t seem to annoy Fitty, unless it’s at night in bed and I’m drumming my heels against the bed end. I get away with it at work too, clicking pen tops, tapping my fingers on the desk, playing with my keyboard keys, and just moving about very swiftly all the time. Even when business is slow, I’m still in Ferrari-mode.

So today I’m going to have to drive for 3 hours, through a torrential downpour,  starving the whole time, (a 4 hour fast is required),  find the Imaging Thingie Place, with not even coffee to help me stay alert and on the ball, then stay still while the thingie does its job? Impossible!

We can’t seem to win here with the weather. It’s either hot enough to burn everything in sight or wet enough to put roads underwater! I’m actually quite concerned that once I get over the mountain and onto the flats the roads will go under leaving me trapped away from home!

The good part is that I’m going to stay with 4 for a night. I’m so very excited to see her and to see her new home! She’s a very crafty home-maker and there will be pretty little pockets of her art-full-ness everywhere. 4 is very special to me as she lived with Fitty and I for a good few years. We have developed a great bond over the years and have many long conversations about life, sharing our dreams and wishes together. She is the one who I feel truly understands her father and I, and appreciates that sometimes life just gets a little crazy around here. So at least if I do get stuck I will be with the nicest company!

I can’t wait for the painful part of the day to be over and to be on my way to the fun bit!