That about sums up the whole trip!

That about sums up the whole trip!

sheep country

sheep country

Nearly home!

Nearly home!

I've always loved driving by this house.

I’ve always loved driving by this house.

That’s right, from the moment I picked up the phone yesterday morning to double check my appointment details, I should have known the whole MRI thingie would be a problem.

I’m the kind of person who plans everything down to the last detail. When I am traveling alone, obsessively so. I like to know exactly where I’m going, (hello Google Maps!), and will spend hours planning and working out the easiest routes. I lose my sense of direction really, really easily and have been known to travel miles in the wrong direction.

This trip started going wrong from the first moment. The very bright Receptionist at my Surgeons office had called me last week and informed me that I had an appointment the very week I had told her I was NOT AVAILABLE. (I had given her exact dates of my days off.) She said I would have to call and re-book the MRI myself! (it was her mistake, not mine??) Very luckily for me I was able to get in on a cancellation that suited. She also vaguely told me it was at the Private Hospital in Canberra.

I called the morning of my trip to confirm the exact location, only to find out the appointment was at the OTHER Canberra Hospital. Luckily I knew my way around that hospital very well, thanks to 6 who was born there. He was in such a hurry to meet me, he was born 9 weeks early after a 10 week stay. (That’s a story for another day.)

I guess I’m lucky I am paranoid, or I would have turned up at the wrong place!

I was an hour early due to the weather not being as bad as I had allowed for, and had a little walk around. It wasn’t much fun as I was on a 4 hour fast for the MRI, and couldn’t even buy myself a cup of coffee! I went back to the clinic 15 mins before my appointment, and was greeted by the “Receptionist”. He was another vague young thing, and gave me a form to fill out, then promptly disappeared for his lunch break.

I waited, and waited. People started arriving, and their names were called while mine wasn’t. I was thinking, “it’s ok, they’re just running late here, and those people have appointments before mine.” I waited some more.

Finally I overheard one of the technicians query another receptionist about the “patient from the South Coast” who “hadn’t turned UP!!” I promptly headed over to the desk and asked very politely if they were running late, as I had been sitting there for nearly an hour, and hadn’t been seen yet. Apparently the young guy had entered my details on the computer, but had failed to “push the button” that placed me in the cue!!!

There was a lot of embarrassed activity and a very red-faced young man did offer me a mumbled “sorry”, but after a 3 hour trip and then a further hour sitting on a hard plastic chair in the waiting room, all he got was an eye roll from me! My poor tooshie was complaining and I couldn’t even have a drink of water to take pain killers.

I’m from the service industry myself, and I really don’t think it’s good enough for either of these people to behave the way they did, and still be smiling stupidly behind their desks! Nobody’s perfect, but had that been me, in either case, I would have been profusely sorry. I would have more than made up for my short-comings, in the first instance, by re-booking the appointment myself, and in the second, by offering far more than a mumbled and scarcely heard “sorry”.

The MRI itself, when it finally happened, was probably the most relaxing part of the day! Headphones on, and inserted into something that looked like it had come straight from a Star Trek set. Big and white and smoothly curved around a little comfy bed that slides in and out, but very, very noisy. (Hence the headphones, and your choice of radio station!)

God was smiling at me. I was thanked for not blowing my top. One of my all time favorite songs came on straight away through the headphones. Thanks to Crowded House’s “Throw Your Arms Around Me”, I was made instantly happy, and not a toe twitched or a finger tapped for the whole ride!

I don’t think I will ever be able to hear this song again without hearing the very loud grinding noise of the MRI machine playing along in my head!

On a positive note, I enjoyed my stay with 4, had a lovely dinner and evening with her and her new flat-mate, and enjoyed my drive home immensely. I have always loved the stark contrast between the rolling dry sheep grazing country and the densely wooded mountain areas and made sure to stop and take a few pictures to share.