There is never a moment more satisfying than one where you have proven yourself right. I had one such occasion yesterday. I know I shouldn’t be so childish, but living with Fitty lately has reverted us all back a few years…

He’s still crazy! Motor-mouthing has become an art form for him. I actually got to the point last night in the kitchen as he was breathlessly pouring words at me at 100 miles per hour, where I was truly concerned. I asked him to stop, well it was more like “STOP!!” I then asked him to calmly and slowly repeat every thing he had said emphasizing, “slowly”. Of course what I got was Fitty talking in slow motion, making fun of me yet again!

So why should I grow up?

My “I told you so”, moment came when I rang the Surgeons office to make an appointment to discuss the results of the MRI thingie. Of course she answered the phone, (the young girl who had almost wrecked my day earlier in the week). Incompetent or not, there she was on the other end of the phone. I took my chances anyway.

“Hello this is ____ calling to make an appointment to see Dr______ to discuss some results.”

“Oh, ummm, hang on a minute. I’ll just pull up your file.” (Right because you need to do that to see when the Dr has an appointment available do you?)

Waiting, listening to heavy breathing in background.

“Ummm, ok. Dr_____ will be able to see you on the 8th of March?”

“I’m sorry, but I think it’s rather more urgent than that, perhaps you could check if there is something sooner?”

“Ummmm, eeerrrrrr. No, that’s when the next appointment is and the Dr is very busy you see?”

“Yes, I see. I also think that Dr______ would agree that he needs to see me earlier than March.”

“UMMMM right. Well would you like me to check with him?” (NO! I’d like him to fire your stupid self and dance on your unemployment cheque!)

“Gee, would you? That would be great!” (Tore my insides out being so nice at this point.)

“Ok, but ummm,. The doctor won’t be in until next Tuesday. I think?” (Right, so maybe you could send a pigeon? I don’t know what sort of technology she is using, but it can’t be good!)

“Right then. Perhaps you could give me a call back?”

“Ummm, errrrr, ok but I don’t think the Doctor will be able to see you until March.”

“Alright then, thank you. Bye now.” (Hang up phone, briefly consider banging head on wall.)

Really! I refrained from getting too nasty as I had Fitty on chat. He was at the office and I was at home and we seem to communicate this way quite easily, as he can’t type as fast as he can speak. So I had a whinge to Fitty, who made me feel better. He’s like a coach in the corner of my boxing ring, urging me to come out fighting at the start of every new round! How I love him for his loyalty and support.

I got a call back from her at around 4.30pm, telling me very sheepishly that the Doctor would like to see me this Friday, does that suit? I very nicely thanked her so much for her call, hung up the phone and immediately called Fitty. Gloating and enjoying my small victory over Stupid Receptionist #1. (Yes they have official names now.)

Of course I refrained from telling her “I told you so!” with my tongue poking out. I saved that one for later when I won a very rare point against Fitty…