Well, having had a very busy 5 days off, traveling to Canberra, having the MRI, (talking to stupid people on the phone), getting school organized and getting the house work half done, I can now safely go back to work for another 7 straight days.

I’m sure one of these days I’m going to win Lotto! I just have to remember to buy a ticket? Wouldn’t that be a nice way to live life? Not ever having to worry about working again. Fitty and I could forget the renovations and just knock the lake-shack down and start again. For those of you who think this may be a wasteful thing to do, you haven’t seen the lake shack. Anyone who has, would agree with me. Except maybe Fitty, but that would just be because he hates change (and agreeing with me!)

Today I will be sharing the workload with B! B is the worlds most sarcastic young man, and we have loads of fun together. He has helped me to understand my co-workers better, by making hilarious statements about their lack of work drive and abilities. (I know it sounds terrible, but you should try working with some of these goons?) Hopefully we’ll have my work bestie there and “Rocket-Rod”. That would be the ideal combination for me. Means I can get on with my own job! If not, B and I will spend the day running back and forth making funny comments to each other. It may not sound like a lot of fun, but believe me, it really helps to have the pressure taken off, just by having that other Tab operator on.

Time is (as usual) slipping through my fingers, and I have a million little jobs to do before I go and open the Tab. Feed little Pooh, pack a salad and some munch-ables for the day, wash and blow-dry my hair and race out the door. Can’t wait to get home again around 5 and see what Fitty has in store for the evening? Maybe we can go out for dinner?