Work is not my happy place at the moment. It will be better after the weekend when the Neanderthal goes on days off. That said, my work bestie AND Rocket Rod were on duty yesterday, as I hoped. What a difference they make to my day! It was a usual day however, made busier for all of us, by the lack of work done by the same old goons! Rocket is as crazy as they come, and will often startle customers by bursting into song. He doesn’t know all the words, so he just makes them up, and adds his own war cry at the end! It goes something like this, ” TA DA SED-OOO-WAAAAY-OH-WI-OH-MIO-WAYYYY”. He says it’s the Cherokee coming out in him. I don’t know what heritage he really has, as he claims a new one each few days, but he has quite a rich brown skin? He is one of the most colourful characters I work with, and manages to make everyone happy, all the time. The  bestie and I love working with him.

Having returned home from work in no mood to cook dinner. Fitty and I decided to head out to Fat Tony’s, which is about 5 minutes drive from our house and which is where my son’s girlfriend, the Nut works. We love this place, it is always busy and has a great little bar area and outdoor area as well as the dining room. We have celebrated many a birthday and special night there, and is one of our favourite places t0 eat. It’s all the more special because the Nut works there, providing her very personalized cheeky service! She manages to give us hell, whilst looking completely professional at the same time. I’m pretty sure your boss saw you stick your finger up at us this time though Nut face!

I also ran into another worker at the bar. She is a great talker and has a very friendly way about her, poor Fitty sat listening to us talk shop for a good half hour or so, then we were off to our own little candlelit table for “Romanace, Fitty-Style”.  This consisted of Fitty trying to get me to drink more alcohol. (I never drink much when we go out. Usually I have a soda water or if I do drink alcohol, will just have one.) Fitty was happy to buy me 3 drinks last night, I was quite “happy” by the time our entree arrived. At one point I excused myself to go to the ladies, and came back to an empty table, Fitty had decided to head to the bathroom as well, and on the table had left me a heart drawn in pepper! Needless to say we laughed (and I sneezed) through the rest of our evening..

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