last night on the balcony

last night’s sunset from the balcony

As the last rays of the sun glowed from behind the mountains, I couldn’t help but think what a blessed person I am to live here at the lake. It never looks the same, from one day to the next, there’s always something new to admire.

I have lived in many beautiful locations, (even on another lake just south of here). I have lived on the thriving and throbbing Gold Coast. I have lived on the much visited Sunshine Coast. I’ve sat and watched the sun set behind the waves on Cottesloe Beach in West Australia. I’ve had so many water views from so many homes over the years, and yet here my heart soars every time I look out the window or step outside.

Never before have I been so breathtakingly¬† in love with my surroundings. Maybe it is a reflection of my maturity, that I finally have the patience and peace to appreciate it. Maybe it’s because I have finally found my soul mate in Fitty, and my heart is happy. Maybe it’s just that the area I live in is simply stunning! I think it’s probably all of those things, and the simple feeling that I am the luckiest person alive to have all this on my doorstep.

I have no need to visit wild life centres! Each morning we have our visit from Wallaby mumma and bubba. They come right near the house, and are unworried by us watching them. They know we aren’t going to harm them or frighten them. They’ve even gotten used to Pooh’s noisy barking, they know she just wants to talk!

Every now and again our lumbering mate the Echidna ambles up from the bottom of the hill, struggling on his tiny legs to make it back to his home in the bush behind our house. We once saw a tiny Echidna, so cute and clumsy, very young and alone, no parent in sight, making his way up the hill. How I worried for the poor little thing. He made it up there ok in the end and maybe we see him now, all grown up?

Another morning, years ago, Fitty woke me gently and pointed to a tiny little Ringtail Possum curled up sleeping in the top of a pot plant, right outside our bedroom window!

We have parrots landing on the balcony, nodding their heads and screeching at each other to back off!¬† Parrots remind me of little children, competitive and squabbling. God help us if we try and feed them, it’s a noisy battle to the finish as one by one they fight each other for supremacy, one finally winning the prize and stalking off with his piece of watermelon or apple core.

I guess the birds are my favourite. Except maybe the Sea Eagle that crapped on me from high above one morning as I sat quietly reading. The sound it made when it hit the deck frightened a good ten years life out of me! Not to mention the size of the poo! I’ve forgiven him that one digression, because of the way he makes me feel as he flies so high above me in the sky, keeping me endlessly entranced as he soars higher and higher. Making his circles larger and larger as he searches for his dinner. When Pooh was quite small I used to worry that she would become a meal for him! (Yes, I’ve seen that movie!)

At night if the wind is blowing in the right direction, I can be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves breaking on the shore just over a kilometre away. If I am super lucky, it will rain at bedtime, and the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof is like the sound of bliss to me!

So you see, it doesn’t matter that I’m in pain every day, and struggling with my health. It doesn’t matter that the country is a shambles and the politicians a mess. It doesn’t matter that I battle each day with stupid people and lazy people in my work and in trying to organize my appointments.

Those things really don’t matter because at the end of the day and the start of each new one, I have Paradise outside my door.