Time to talk about my sister, I’ve been avoiding the subject until she returned to the West Coast of Australia. If she’s close enough to come after me, she will!

My sister was nearly 4 years old when I was born and was used to having all the attention of my parents and older siblings to herself. I can only imagine my entrance into the world and our family, blew a small hole in her universe. I think she has only recently forgiven me for this transgression. I remember countless arguments over the years and many times I asked my mother, Magoo, “why does she hate me so much?” Magoo never had a satisfactory answer and I couldn’t get my sister to stop punching me for long enough to ask her the question. She seemed to have so little interest in me, that I was thankful for my younger brother, who came along 13 months after me. He became my childhood buddy instead of my sister.

I think this shaped my early childhood, and to some extent my adult life as well. I have never trusted females as friends, as much as males. I have often wondered, had my sister been kinder to me, would I have been a totally different child? Would I have been less of a tomboy? Would my brother and I have been so close?

These days it’s a whole different story, having children ourselves, living in totally different states, having completely different family dynamics and jobs, not to mention lifestyles! We have finally found some common ground! I don’t really know when this happened, I guess it started to happen around the time I had my first child, however we’ve had many a hard time over the phone and on visits since his birth. So it wasn’t his birth that cemented our bond.

Years later with half grown families, my much loved father passed away, bringing all my siblings together for the first time in a very long time. Australia is a very large country, and with all our various commitments we hadn’t spent much time as a family since childhood. (Some of us prefer it that way.)

It was during this turbulent time that I began to see the qualities in her character that my sister had never shown me before, and I guess it was the start of my road to forgiving her for all those childhood hurts. There was still quite some way to go however and in 2011 we had the biggest blow-up ever. We fought for weeks, (over the phone)! It was a huge battle, resulting in both of us swearing we’d never speak to the other again.

Fast forward to present day. I’ve just gotten off the phone to my sister. She is the person I call whenever I am troubled, need advice, need someone to listen, or share great news with. She is the wisdom I seek when I am unsure what to do. She is the humour I need when I am down. She is the best sister I could hope for, and has in many ways taken the place of my father, who was always my go-to person in life.

She can’t remember our childhood very well, and she says she doesn’t remember being so mean to me. This used to bother me, but now, I feel as though the past doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we are sisters now, the way we were always supposed to be (in my perfect world) anyway. They say time heals all, I’d say in this case it’s true.

So if you’re reading this Sis, know that you are special to me, know how much I love and depend on your friendship and support, and most of all know that I forgive your for all those chinese-burns!!