God help me, but I am one of those women who wants everything to be perfect! I long for the “look” I see in magazines. Everything in it’s place, not a speck of dust to be seen, and a decor to die for. Well good luck to me…

Perhaps I should have thought more about this aspect of my personality before moving in with a hoarder? You’d think I would have noticed that Fitty and I had kind of different thoughts on what makes a comfortable home? Nope, not me, just packed up my stuff, threw more than half of it out, (the bits that wouldn’t fit, and were just hanging around reminding me of the past), you know the stuff. The old school essays that you thought were brilliant, love letters worn almost in tatters from age, cards from my childhood birthdays…. the list goes on and on.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to keep them, it’s just that I knew that space was limited and that Fitty and I were going to be forever, so what good would these old reminders of the past really serve? Out they went, of course I kept everything I could of my children’s keepsakes.

My quest isn’t a total failure, I’ve managed to do quite a bit inside the rooms of this old shack. Everything but the much needed renovations, but more about that soon. One of the things I am most proud of is 7’s room.

It is the perfect “Tween’s Room”. She loves it, and being the only girl left at home, she gets a whole room all to herself! (Until one of her sister’s comes home anyway, then she has to share.)  In it she has a brand spanking new double bed, and all new furniture. Her bedside table alone took me months to choose. I really wanted this room to have the look we both wanted, and after consulting with her and looking at lots of pictures, she decided she’d like white furniture, and bright colours as accents. I searched through the local furniture shops until I finally found what I wanted, and Fitty and I surprised her on her 12th Birthday with the great “unveiling”. She was beside herself when she finally saw her room. She was so excited after years of old furniture, that little tears came into my eyes watching her laying on her bed with the biggest grin on her face I’d ever seen!!

The thing is, in the last 5 years or so Fitty has really gotten into photography, in a big way. He was always into it, but what used to just require a camera now involves a multitude of tripods, lenses and big metal boxes containing god knows what? All over the house we have tripods, just standing around, leaning up against walls, loitering in corners. I once asked Fitty if perhaps one would be enough? Goodness no, he requires many different kinds and this one is broken and this one is for blah blah, and enter the next hour of lecturing on stuff I didn’t know I needed to know!

The one thing that really tees me off, is the fact that all this stuff sits around in our tiny house mucking up the otherwise not too shabby (if you ignore the walls and floor, windows and drapes), decor. We have Amps and speakers and musical instruments. We have tools and parts and even a car body. ( 2- I know and it’s ok love!). We have old windows and bikes and you name it, if it isn’t leaning on a wall in the “man shed”, or mucking up one of the rooms in our house, man hasn’t invented it yet!

The straw that broke the camels back? Keeping his crap in 7’s beautiful bedroom!! It’s a room for everything girlie Fitty, not a storage space for your ex-NASA space station telescope and your “dental search light”!