This week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Pulling my  cranking muscles up the steep slope to feel the wind in my face at the top, and then plummeting down the other side. There have been some fabulous days, even one completely lovely pain free day. (I don’t know what I did that day to make me feel so good, but I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since.) But there’s been some down right crap days as well. Crabby days with Fitty, days of feeling tired from not sleeping well, and days when I just don’t want to go to work. Like today, the Neanderthal is back….

I see the Surgeon later today, and will be finding out exactly what’s next. Thank heavens I am off the antibiotics, giving myself a bit of a break, and feeling it too. My system is shot from taking all this medication, and I’m lucky I’m eating so well, or who knows how ill I might be. As it is, my energy levels are back at full strength. I’m working every day and living well. Big change from just last month, so the idea of more surgery disturbs me somewhat, but what will be will be.

Fitty and I have our babies back, and nothing makes us happier. It seems to give us more purpose, and we spend a lot less time on our computers. Our week will be spent finding out all about their new classes and teachers for the year. Especially 7 as the world of High School is so different to the one she is used to. She is enjoying it so much so far and her first comment to me? “I have to wear a dress every day!” She was all set up in her bedroom, at her desk, doing her homework when I got home from work yesterday afternoon. It gave me so much joy to see her all settled in her room, sitting at that desk that we bought specifically to encourage her to study. Looks like we’re doing something right?

Little 8 has lost more weight, the whole family are looking more bright eyed and healthy due to the change in our diet. 8 especially needed a little help as he had been developing some rather disturbing food habits, and was setting himself up for a lifetime of obesity. He is learning to be a little hungry between meals, that it’s ok to “feel” hungry, you don’t have to immediately feed yourself at the first pang. He is learning not to stuff himself so full of food at meal times that he feels ill. He’s learning to exercise a bit each day, and not sit in front of the computer or television. All this has made a huge difference to his attitude and most of all to the way he looks. His little face is losing it’s chubby look and he bounces around the house a little more energetically.

All the kids are learning that fruit can taste just as sweet as lollies and biscuits, (which they are going without mostly). If only I can get Fitty to stop buying crap like juice and biscuits!! He’s having trouble deciding what to give them instead.  I take my meals to work every day, and not one biscuit, chip or processed package in sight. If I can do it surely Fitty and the kids can? It just takes that little bit more effort is all.

Well I’m off for an early meeting at work, finally up with the birds again this morning!! Worth a million smiles….