6 finally makes it to the table!

6 finally makes it to the table!

It’s 8 o’clock, I’m waiting for 6 to get out of the shower! He’s been in there for hours! It’s the same thing every time I have day shifts and I’m in a hurry to blog, shower, shove pills down my throat, prepare my lunch and feed and coo at the dog. Nag the kids about their teeth, hair, clothing, shoes etc, hug them, kiss them, nag some more. Gosh it’s a busy morning!

On night shift days, I just cruise around in my dressing gown, slurping coffee and making nice with everyone. “Hey sweetheart, do you want a hand with your hair? (You look like you have a couple of wombats mating in it). C’mon Dad’s in the car already, quick, g’bye, mmmwah!”

I can afford to be a lot nicer with everyone when I’m not in a hurry. These last couple of mornings, I haven’t even had time to put together a post for this blog! I blame 6.

6 is one of those kids who takes his time. Fitty and I often wonder how a  15 year old child can get out of bed at 7.30am, and still not be ready to leave for school by 8.30? All he has to do is shower, dress and eat. We spend our mornings shouting down the stairs, “are you out of the shower yet? Are you dressed yet? What on earth are you doing down there?” “Come and have your breakfast, it’s nearly time to go!”

We think he just stands there. No really. Just stands there! Looking at the floor like some kind of android whose batteries have run out. We have nagged, yelled, cajoled and battled him on this point. We’ve had discussions amongst ourselves about what we think he does down there that takes a whole hour? One time we polled the other family members, and what did they all come up with? You guessed it, “we think he just stands there”!

I mean really, all he has to do is have his shower, put on underwear a shirt and shorts, and come upstairs. For any of you who think he indulges in some “alone time” (nudge nudge), get your minds out of the gutter!  For a start, he shares his room with his 10 year old step-brother and has Fitty and I yelling down the stairs every minute or so. Have you ever tried to get your sexy on with your parents yelling at you?

I didn’t think so….Unless you answered, affirmatively. (In which case I think you are reading the wrong blog!) This is a family blog.

Yesterday morning I finally got proof. I came out of the hallway, around into the kitchen, and there he was. He had the Weetbix out on the bench. He had the bowl in front of him, and a spoon in his hand. What was he doing? Nothing….

He was just standing there!