I’ve called a time- out. Woke up so many times through the night, I feel like a cuckoo clock chiming the hour, “ohhh” instead of “cuckoo”! I have been trying to have a 5-7 day break when one course of antibiotics runs out, just to give my body a chance to catch up with itself a little. I could be doing more harm than good I suppose, and considering the amount of research I have done into diet and other issues recently, I really should have done some research on having a break before just making that decision.

The infection got out of control this time during my break period and I’m suffering a little now waiting for it to respond to the medication once more. Usually takes about a week to start feeling a lot better. Also I don’t think my dietary slip on the weekend is helping much. I have been woken by stomach cramps and some different, odd pains, every night this week.

Oh well, what can you do? My theory generally is, “If you can walk, you can work!” Today, that’s not working so well for me. I called in sick. I have taken twice the usual amount of pain killers today and am still pushing it uphill to keep on top of the pain. I can’t actually live in the bath, but it helps to soothe and relax me, making the pain a little easier to deal with. So off to the bath I will go.

I’ll have a time out day, and see if a bit of rest and relaxation, perhaps a gentle walk with Pooh the dog later on, (and some cuddles with her), will help me get over the hump.

Heard from my surgeon that the big guru smart guy surgeon in Sydney will see me next Thursday, so Fitty and I are beginning to make plans as to how we will make the journey. We’ll probably be able to stop in at 4’s for the night on the way, which will be lovely, and also will break up the trip a bit for us. Traveling is not much fun for me at the moment. We’ll also stop in Sydney for a night and make our way home again Friday. Lucky for my work, this will all happen on my rostered days off. I hate taking time off and literally have to be forced into calling in sick by Fitty. He thinks I’m a bit of a workaholic? He thinks I should take more time to look after myself and forget about work. Work thinks the same way as Fitty, so I guess I’m just feeling guilty for no reason at all?

We also have the big Wedding coming up and need to make sure everybody is organized for that. I don’t know how we’re going to pull it all off, actually, if I don’t start feeling better soon, it’s going to be a bit hard. I’m dreadfully scared that the Guru will want to do the surgery the week before the Wedding or something like that. That it will be the only time he can do it, and I’ll have no choice but to do it then.

I have learned that whatever will be will be in life, and there’s really no point fighting against it. As long as I am present at the Wedding I guess that’s all that matters. And if I’m off my face on pain killers, should make for some funny stories later at least?