Grandma Ruby and #1. I love this photo.

Grandma Ruby and #1. I love this photo.

Loves a good dress up!

Loves a good dress up!

I thought today I would begin to tell you about the kids. I’ll start with #1.

1 is very, very beautiful. She was born in my 20th year, and I first met her on holiday with her Mum and Dad, who brought her up to Queensland, where I was living, to stay with my then boyfriend and myself. She was the cutest little bub, all smiles and cheeky grins, with the most beautiful sparkly eyes.

I spent a lot of time with 1 during the early years of her life, her mum and I were very good friends, and after I fell pregnant with 3, and moved back home, 1’s mum was an incredible support to me. I really valued her as a mother, she was so soft and gentle with her babies. A good role model.

As 1 grew, she was a constant source of amusement to me. She would say the funniest things. I’ll never forget one time she was asked by my Dad, “What will you be when you grow up?” She was about 3 at the time and answered, “BIG!”

A good answer I thought! And she’s not big, she’s a tiny wee thing, probably doesn’t eat enough, but as her sister is a similar build, (as is her mother), I don’t worry too much. She works too hard. She is the one who is always first through the door and last to leave, and does a superb job. (I know this as she worked with Fitty’s sister for a while, who gave her such a glowing report!)

It’s astonishing how much some young people will forfeit for their work, while others are just skimming along doing the minimum. Poor #1 was always anemic in those days, running around with black circles under her eyes, and when we did see her, she was always offering to help. Such a kind and helpful girl, but I could see that all she really needed was to stop and sleep for a few hours, or days even!

She has grown up a lot since then, has met a lovely young man, and moved interstate. She is further away from us now, but we still see her whenever she can get time off. She will go out of her way to travel up for birthdays and special occasions, often flying home the same day, just so she can be here, to attend a function or party.

I really think this girl is going to go a long way. She is determined and tenacious, and has stuck out many a situation, which has in turn rewarded her. She recently secured a promotion she has been after for a while now, and Fitty and I are almost bursting at the seams with pride. Her life will now be filled with wonderful opportunities as she travels the world for her job. All that ambition and hard work has paid off. Yet she is still the most helpful of all our children. I guess being the oldest is a position that holds such responsibility! She has worked hard to try and ensure relationships within the family are good, and worries when any one of us is troubled. She’s the go-to girl when a function needs organizing, and we would be a muddle without her back stage organization.

Cheers to you #1, having you in my life is such a support, I know how caring you are, and I know I can count of you to be there for your brothers and sisters. I love you. Spread that great attitude you have around the world and know that in one little town, right down here at the bottom of the world you have the deepest admiration from me.