It’s your turn 2! Where do I start?

I guess it’s no surprise to me that 2 grew up and joined the services. He was always a little daredevil, since his very earliest moments in life. He was the baby who crawled into the tight spaces and grinned, the one who climbed on top of furniture and fell off. The baby who laughed hysterically at me when I pretended to cry. He was in short, a scary little dude. Your heart was always in your mouth when you were in charge of this child. And I often was.

2 and 3 (my firstborn son), were very close as little boys, and both used to zoom around my yard taking turns on a little red bike. Nothing unusual there you say, only once you realized that they were aged 2 and nearly 3, and that said red bike had only one pedal and no brakes. The yard was sloped so that by the time the kids whizzed past the side yard, they literally had to power slide round the corner to avoid smacking into the garden wall. Not bad for a couple of toddlers huh?

Speaking of the garden wall, it used to run right down the hill on one side and along the front of the yard. The boys, at the instigation of 2 who was that little bit older and that little bit braver, would run along the top of the brick wall, all the way around to the front. This was only interesting enough if running at top speed. The problem with that was that the garden beds were filled with roses, and if you fell off the wall, you’d be scratched up pretty badly by the thorns. I never ever saw 2 fall, not once. But 3 did and it was the very first time I ever heard him swear!

I could recount stories until bed time, the things those boys put me through!  One thing that I always loved about 2 was his very caring nature. I often looked after 2 and 4 together, and 2 was always looking out for his little sister. He would make sure she was ok, before he ran off to play with 3. If I had trouble understanding 4, who was very timid and would speak in the quietest voice, 2 was always there to tell me, “she wants to watch Pway School”. They were so cute the three of them! I was pregnant with 5 at the time and couldn’t wait for a sibling for 3 seeing how lovely 2 was to 4. (Yes I did do that on purpose just to show off that I understand the numbering system even if you don’t) See my “about” page to clarify…

So 2 is all grown up now and has multiplied! He’s got two of the most beautiful babies ever. They are so well behaved, so very placid and happy. They are an absolute testament to the patience and love of their parents. The lovely V and 2 are soon to be married, they have patiently waited for their Big Day, while they established both 2’s career and their little family.

Having such a brave stepson means that I don’t ever have to worry about him and his family. He has already proven to Fitty and I that he is more than capable and very responsible. He is a loving, and stern father, and has a great sense of humour. His love for his wife to be is strong and true, and you can see from a mile away the brightness of their love together. Add in those beautiful children and the formula for a perfectly happy life is made. You have chosen your partner very well. We love her so much, and we thank her for making you so happy.

uniform portrait

Mr Strong, 2 pushes his big sis around.

Mr Strong, 2 pushes his big sis around.


History repeats. He’s just like his father.

2 I’m one of your greatest fans. Thank you for your great attitude, for taking things as they come and for never judging. Your strength and steadfastness is inspiring. I love you, and your family, and look forward to the many years ahead watching them grow and thrive in the comfort of your love.