Well I have been a busy lady lately. Fitty and I only just arrived home from Sydney late yesterday afternoon, and have one whole week before 2 weds his beautiful Bride. We are just a little bit excited now, and a lot busy.

Today we had to buy clothing for young 8, plus 7 and I had to have our final fitting for our dresses, and we had to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables after being away most of the week.

We began at the dress shop and my dress fitting went well. I had left things until late as my weight had been plummeting earlier in the year when I first looked at the dress. Turns out it only needed a little tweaking and fits perfectly now. With 7’s dress I was worried about the bust of the dress fitting. She has just begun to blossom and I worried she may quickly outgrow any alterations done early. So we left hers until today as well. Hopefully we shall have two very perfectly fitting dresses come Saturday!

I have been asking Fitty for weeks if 8 had something to wear to the wedding, which is “Black Tie Formal” and had been told he was “all set”. This worried me a little as I usually need to see things with my own eyes before I am satisfied. Men sometimes have a different idea of what looks good than we women do don’t they girls? Anyhoo, turns out 8 had grown out of his good duds and needed a whole new outfit for the big day. We thought we could probably get away without buying him a suit, as he is only 10 years old, so decided to buy him a nice pair of dress pants and shirt instead.

Easier said than done when you consider his size to height ratio. A 10 year old who has grown out of the kids size range. We searched through several childrens wear departments until we finally gave up and decided to try a small mens pant. BINGO! A very excited 8 was very happy to have found a nice pair of pants, even if I do have to cut about a foot off the bottom and re-hem them!!  He liked every shirt I had picked for him to choose from, so that was easy too. Thank goodness we are all organized now!

We were very lucky to have both Grandmothers on hand this week for our Sydney trip to see the Surgeon. Fitty’s mum looked after 7 and 8, and Magoo looked after her “grand-doggie” as she calls Pooh.

Pooh in Grandpa's Shed.

Pooh in Grandpa’s Shed.

I am a big sook and suffered terribly when I dropped my little doggie off. I was completely overboard worrying about this and that. Making sure I told Magoo several times how to look after my little girl. I finally had enough cuddles and waved goodbye to her and Magoo for a few days. Sniff sniff….
I worried less about the kids! 6 went to his father’s house for a few extra days and 7 and 8 had a ball getting spoiled at Nan and Pop’s!

Fitty and I had a night with 4 in Canberra, and left for Sydney early in the morning, which put us at our hotel quite early in the day. I asked the Receptionist if there was any chance of an early check in, as I was feeling very unwell. At last a wonderful, intelligent and kind Receptionist! She sent us down to the bar for a free drink, and told us she’d contact us as soon as our room was ready! It was around 11.30am at this stage, (and Fitty had not one but two beers!) He was quite happy about 20 minutes later when the lovely girl called and told us our room was ready.

She had upgraded us to a lovely room on the top floor with a Turkish Steam Shower, and a massive Spa Bath! I was so happy I nearly cried. What a lovely Hotel Rydges in Parramatta is, and what great staff they have. We thoroughly recommend a stay in their fine hotel! http://www.rydges.com/accommodation/sydney-nsw/parramatta/welcome/

Pooh -Sydney trip 016Pooh -Sydney trip 008

Turkish steam shower anyone?

Turkish steam shower anyone?

The Surgeon was quite a charmer! He told me his record for solving a problem like mine (in one patient), was 28 surgeries! I hope he doesn’t see me as a challenger for that record?

He has booked me into his diary for early April, so luckily I can relax and enjoy the Wedding and another month of reasonable comfort until I have my next 2 procedures in Sydney. I am very worried about this, but will have to just go with the flow. I know he is the best man for the job, and am reassured, (now that I have met him and researched the crap out of him on the net), that I couldn’t be in better hands.