I’ve been pretty down lately, and I have great friends and family. But I have experienced something very special in the last couple of weeks. I have experienced support, kinship, kindness, warmth and friendship from complete strangers who live half a globe and more away.

Patty O and Joey,  Laurie and Seth, Andy, (you naughty little boy!) You girls and guys are keeping me going with this here blogging thing. I could easily have stopped all together, but have realized that if there are beautiful people like you to get to know, to share with and to befriend. Then I want to stay involved. I want to take every opportunity to share with you and to have you in turn share with me.

Patty O  at A Thankfully Imperfect Woman. I feel like I know you. Like I could invite you into my home and make you a cup of coffee or pour you a glass of wine and we would just laugh and talk for hours.

Joey  at “Joeyfully Stated – your posts are hysterical, and your rant about anxiety was priceless. I really think you should be a published author! You really ARE that good. And I might just come and be your friend one day…you never know, right?

Laurie  at Life on the Bike and other Fab things. Wow Laurie, the things you do with your camera, and your bike inspire me to greater heights. You take beautiful pictures,  capture just the sort of things I love to look at and you have a great big heart.

Seth  from Sethsnap, again hauntingly beautiful shots, I come to your blog again and again, just to feel your pictures. You have magic in you.

 Andy  from andys always right. Oh dear, like a naughty little brother, I just want to take you out for a drink and laugh the night away. You and I could cause a bit of ruckus I think and Fitty would definitely approve and join us.

There are many more worth a mention, like you Kermofutah from Lilacs and Linens, my first follower and commenter! Your “frugal” posts are inspirational and entertaining, and I love the way the personality of your family comes out in your writing.

I am intimidated by the likes of Mrs Capn Firepants in “What I meant to say”, now there’s a funny lady!! She is the pinnacle of my authorly  desires. To be able to be as funny as this woman is to have made it.

There’s Lesley Carter, from Bucket List Publications, who flies around the world jumping out of the airplanes she’s not piloting, and throwing herself at life non-stop. Wow!

I like being part of this community, and when life gets tough, I can stick on the head phones, check out of the real world, and read into yours.

Thank you for that. All of you.