My last post left me feeling drained and exposed. However things happen for a reason, and I believe it was time to let some of those feelings out. For days after writing it was left feeling naked and wrenched back in time. It’s funny how writing about your life can do that to you. I’d never said that much about James, never recounted the whole story like that, and I believe it has helped me. Thank you for reading it and most especially for your comments.

Life is still rolling on here at the lake shack! There are lots of things to be grateful for, like having a partner who is patient and kind, if not a little grumpy at times. Having children who are happy and healthy, and make me laugh almost constantly. They are mostly helpful, very well behaved and respectful children. BUT…..

Our kids DO love their gadgets, and since “other mum”, (7 & 8’s mother), seems to have backed off on the war on technology, I am having a harder and harder time making sure they have a childhood.

It’s really sad for me to see a 10 and 12 year old sitting around inside all the time. I recall my childhood, my days of racing home, doing the barest minimum of homework, making a milo and grabbing a biscuit or two and bang! Straight out the front door. Being indoors was like a punishment! My siblings and I would all head to the nearest friends house, or play street cricket, anything really, great gangs of children would congregate on corners, laughing talking and playing.

In fact I can remember clearly that being made to stay indoors was a punishment.  “No playing outside for you today, you’ll have to spend the afternoon in your room.”

Nowadays their rooms are so flash they make you wish you could hang out in there. TV? Computer of your own? Mobile phone? iPad, iPod, Game console and remote control? NO WORRIES, just you sit there, eat junk food and move only your wrists and eyes for a few hours at a time…….Shouldn’t be a problem for the human race??

Are we having less children these days, or is it just that they are all locked away in their rooms enslaved to the latest game on their Playstation, or coming up with sassy status’s for their Facebook page? I think it’s a real tragedy, instead of remembering playing “Tarzan and Jane” on the creek bank as kids, (like I do),  these guys will have a string of “high scores” or cheesy photos uploaded. Their entire childhood experience will be summed up by how many ‘apps’ they have? I hate it! I really do. It makes me angry and frustrated for them.

Things have really changed in the last 10 years or so, I can tell you! My boys were always outside running around. The joy of being allowed to turn on the sprinkler and run screaming through the spray on a hot day! Running around playing hide-and-seek, Power Rangers, Batman etc. Kids have outgrown that by 6 years now, and are sitting calmly next to their mothers with their “device” in Coffee Shops around the globe. I miss the days when you got pissed of at a couple of 9 year olds running around a cafe or through a restaurant. I miss having to yell out the kitchen window to tell the kids to “keep it down out there!”

Our kids are going to get a shock in the weeks to come. Just as soon as I’m well enough after my operation in early April, we are going to be ripping out our old kitchen, and putting in a new one. Guess who our laborers are? Next we’re going to rip up the carpet on the entire top storey  and replace it with Bamboo flooring. Guess who is going to be hauling stuff up and down stairs? Then we have to renovate the two bathrooms. Wonder who will be scraping the old tiles and grout off the walls and floors?

Ha ha I’m evil, and I know it! The kids helped when we ripped out our old fireplace on the weekend…

What we did.

What we did.

Fitty sledge hammered bricks and the kids just stood around in a semi-circle until they were handed a brick to go and throw down off the balcony into a pile!! Hard work huh? Honestly Fitty and 8 did most of the hard work. 7 stood around looking concerned. Trying to ninja-blend into the wall so she wouldn’t be handed any bricks. As soon as she sees any hard work coming she disappears to do “homework” on Facebook.  7 later showed some very promising skills when she scraped all the extra brick and mortar from the floor. 6 worked consistently and slowly, but he did work.

where we threw the bricks

where we threw the bricks

I asked him and 7 to do the dishes while I vacuumed up the last of the brick dust. You could’ve sworn we’d asked 6 to dig a hole 30 miles wide the way he carried on. Aaah but hadn’t he been working his butt off all day already?

Fitty and I were in hysterics. I think in the next few months these kids are going to learn what hard work really is. Don’t you?