Yesterday was a very big day on the street where we live, in the house where we dwell.

Two very excitement things happened, all in one day. Which kind of made it hard to cope! I was nearly too excited.

Firstly, we got our NEW FIRE going!! YEAH team fireplace smashers and re-placers!! You may remember this:

uh oh team fire smashers strikes again!

uh oh team fire smashers strikes again!

Pretty soon we had this:

tile shopping 101, spin and point.

tile shopping 101, spin and point.

It was a long wait between tile shopping and tile laying, as we had tile waiting to do. It was Easter when we ordered so we had to wait an extra week for our tiles…..

Then Fitty forgot to order the fireplace that we had decided on and we had to wait for it. After 3 weeks we had this:

tiles laid, where's the fire?

tiles laid, where’s the fire?

We waited…..and waited…….and (you get the idea).

fireplace 011


fireplace 010


Fitty works his magic.

Fitty works his magic.

I love how our doggy Pooh looks like a big fat hairy worm in this photo. Can you see her stick? She isn’t allowed to bring it inside. Hmmmm…..

You can also see how we should NEVER have bought a black mat and have a white doggie Pooh? I know right? Our vacuum never sleeps. Our next job is going to be the NEW KITCHEN followed ridiculously quickly by a NEW FLOOR. I can hardly sleep for excitementness. Fitty do you hear me? NEW KITCHEN? (He thinks he can just hide for a while now the fire is done – HA!)

That was the first excitingness. The other is almost too exciting.

For years now I have either dusted full time, or whinged full time about the dust that falls in a thick layer all around the lake shack. We live on a dirt road that has increasing traffic, and every time a car goes past, a huge load of dirt settles all over our house, blowing in through the windows, covering EVERYTHING!!

a little bit dustier than usual...

a little bit dustier than usual…

So imagine my excitement when about a month ago Fitty came home and told me that the council were going to “fix” our road. Think deep ridges, holes, narrow bendy corners, and about 100 cars on prawning nights, sailing days and good ski days!! We have some young enthusiasts who seem to want to kill me on our road as I putter home from work. They think it’s a race track you see, and they come around those corners sideways and fast. Hopefully the tar will dissuade them? I sure hope so….

So this is what our road looks like now:

smooth as.... tar?

smooth as…. tar? the new view from our balcony

Shortly after the tar was laid I had to pick up 6 from the bus stop 2klms up the road. I did whoop whoop thumbs up squeals of delight as I passed the 10 road worker vehicles all parked by the side of the road doing stuff-all. (Seriously excited road user.) Seriously unexcited road crew. I mean, why do you need 10 vehicles with flashing lights when only one of you is actually working. There were about 20 blokes all standing around looking pleased with themselves, and one dude working the stop/slow sign. Seriously…

So, luckily I’m on my 5 rostered days off, If I had to work while all this was going on I probably wouldn’t have lived through all the excitement.

Now there will be excitement for Fitty, 6 and 7 when they get home. Someone has to move THIS:

I've had enough excitement....

I’ve had enough excitement….