Life on the human roller-coaster can be a fun and dangerous place, and these are my tips for survival.

I will say now, (in the interest of absolute honesty) that these are not all things that I actually do, but that I wish I could do. Others I practice on a daily basis. These are my views and therefore are hardly meant to be taken as serious advice, and they also pertain to situations that clearly exist in my life. (Geez, most only exist in my own head!)

So here goes, a personal look into my views on hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and dealing with assholes.

1. ISSUE WARNINGS:  Such as, “My period is coming, I may be slightly emotional, crazy and bitchy this week.” Warnings like this allow the people around you to avoid you. If a warning isn’t issued, it’s kinda like saying “I just farted”, moments after everyone has started rolling around convulsing at the smell. Which leads me to point number 2.

2. KEEP A CALENDAR:  I learned this one the hard way. After years of being taken by surprise not only by the physical effects of my monthly cycle, but the emotional ones as well I learned to keep note of when I was most likely to feel irrationally angry, overly tired and emotional. Fitty learned this long before I did, and became very adept at pointing out to me when I was on one particular tirade or another, that I was possibly “hormonal”. I found this extremely irritating for years, until I finally figured he had a point.

3. KNOW YOUR REAL ENEMIES:  It’s one thing to show a positive acceptance of everyone in your life, whether you choose for them to be there or not. It’s quite another to just blindly accept that everyone is your “friend”. I live in a small town, and just about everyone has an opinion about everyone. Sometimes people do their “homework” and sometimes people just repeat what they hear from someone else. I choose to form my own opinions about people. I have been warned countless times about a certain people, especially in my work life, and funnily enough these are the very people I have been drawn to. Until you have proven yourself friend or foe to me, I am mostly ignorant about what you may be saying about me, but once I have been awarded the very special privilege of knowing your true feelings, I can base my choice on fact. Then I can begin to withdraw, and do away with any negative feelings the relationship is brewing.


4. DON’T FLY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL AIR DISASTER: Ok, bit of a joke here, but honestly, getting on an airplane a couple of days after a huge plane mysteriously “disappears” is NOT good for anxiety sufferers. If Fitty and I were more financial I would most definitely still be making my home from our holiday. Walking. Not one but two flights later, I was glad to be back on the ground. I may never fly again. Putting my eldest son on an airplane just a week later, also not recommended. However we all survived and I was even able to make a small joke on Facebook about my son’s take-off.

Note plane already trying to hide….

5.  IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT:  Share the love. Don’t hide your happiness. Gush. Get laughing. Show affection. Enjoy your friends. Hug people you love. Tell people you love them and why. I know that any day now I may regress to bitch land, but while I’m up here all in the happy, I want to share it with you. I may be a bit of an extrovert when it comes to these displays, but I am surely known as that person most likely to hug. I hug at work. I hug at home, and I hug at the shops. If I hug you and you don’t like it, please let me know? I promise I won’t do it again, but if you love it, hug me back, randomly. I love hugs.  Likewise, if you’re shitty and you know it, let me know. You don’t have to tell me why, just warn me that I need to be careful with you.

On a more intimate note, I’m doing ok this week. My feelings of despair last week are visiting from time to time, and I’m doing my best to ignore them. Sometimes I feel justified as some things are all in my head. Other things are more serious and need constant surveillance least I not take them seriously and fall into the pit.

Addressing depression and anxiety is hard. As a normally happy-go-lucky type, I am realizing that I can’t always ignore my feelings of inadequacy or helplessness in situations that I can’t change. I’m learning to listen to my friends, a LOT. They know me. They love me. And most of all, they have a particular insight into my life that I sometimes need to hear.

Nobody wants to hear criticism but I am learning to embrace it. I feel like I have earned the honesty I get from my friends. I love that they are comfortable with me, enough to tell me when they feel I am making a ruckus over nothing…. or alternatively expressing that they too have noticed things about certain people/events in my life, and understand my reaction. Bless ’em. So perhaps tip number 6 would be “LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS”. Who really knows us better than they do?