Said no bitch. Ever.

Back in the olden days, (growing up with my 2 sisters and three brothers), there were a lot of arguments. Being one of the youngest pair, I was frequently bested physically.

I learned to fight back with words early on.

Maybe, (definitely) this has made me a tad more inclined to be opinionated, and somewhat astute.

I’m often told I can be cuttingly honest, almost brutal. I don’t mean to be? I just learned to call a spade a spade. I’d seen what happened to older siblings when they were caught out in an untruth, and I decided very early on to always fess up. This early decision lead me to be honest in my life. With my friends. With my family.  With everyone.

I’m one of those people who has no time for bullshit. I’d rather not waste my time enjoying your fake personality, when I can see straight through it. Let’s get to the real shit and see where we stand?

Guess what also happens? You get the real me!

I am not averse to the odd bit of criticism. Especially if it is helpful. I enjoy nothing better than a good take-down that  is witty, pretty and well-deserved. I’m open minded enough to think that everyone deserves to have an opinion.


unnecessary swearing

I have a filthy mouth. I learned this habit  (before I was two), driving about with my dad. He taught me words like “prick” and “bastard”. He was a road-rager before it was “cool”.

Magoo, my mother, is a bit of a prude. She’s always telling me not to swear. She likes to pretend I’m somebody else…. somebody who doesn’t swear.

I had to coach her into swearing once when she really needed to express her disappointment!


Because I know who I am, I take particular exception to somebody assuming I want to be a better person.

Somebody more like them, who either doesn’t swear, or is a total fucking hypocrite.

Recently somebody did just that. They not only did that, but they did it in such a way that I had to pull out all my Mother Theresa in order not to fist my way through the internet and punch them right on their superior little nose!

blog judge

I didn’t defend myself. Not worth it. I only do stuff when I care. I stayed out of it and watched what would happen next.

“Next” turned into something so awkward that I just can’t help it…..

….. Imma finish it now….

People who act superior? Fuck off.

People who pretend a kind of intimacy with me that just does not exist? Fuck off.

People who have a passive-aggressive attitude? Fuck off.

People who assume they know who I am (when they haven’t seen me for A – G – E – S) ? Fuck off.

People who bring a third party into an argument when they have absolutely nothing to do with it? Fuck the fuck off.