I have been very busy of late. Spending lots of time with Magoo, who is in a bit of a state since the death of her husband.

My sister, who has asked to be referred to as “Beautiful Princess Stephanie” here on the blog and shall be instead known as “Princess”, because – typing! Anyway, she’s in town, and I love having her around. In fact we have such a fantastic time together it’s a little bit hard to remember we are here to support Magoo, not have fun.

We are both trying hard to tone it down at Magoo’s house, but we are like children again sometimes. It’s all about laughter with us. Laughter and cake.

stephanie walsh

Princess arrived early on Monday morning. I stayed with Fitty’s sister and her husband in Canberra, in order to meet Princess’s plane early next morning. I had a fantastic night with them. They were hilarious.

Canberra was so cold. I haven’t had to defrost my windscreen for years! Local legend puts the airport at 10 degrees colder than anywhere else on the planet, and so I was a little shaken by the time I arrived at the terminal. Most of us know that long walk outside from the car park to the building. It was freezing.

canberra airport

Might not…. make it

Princess was in fine form. I found her inside the terminal chatting up a couple of airport workers. She is a “Stranger  Whisperer”. That girl will talk to anyone! I know I’m friendly and open and have been known to start the odd conversation with a stranger, but Princess will talk to anyone, anywhere about anything.

Having already collected her bags due to her flight arriving early, she was all set to go. We had one of those ridiculous moments where I called her on my phone, looked up, and there she was walking toward me. (Airport workers in confab.) I interrupted her information gathering to hug her hello, and the workers quickly blended back into the scenery…. Until she needed to ask them for more information. Which was like, three minutes later….


Back out into the freezer zone heading for the car, we both found it hard to believe that anywhere could be so cold. I was glad I had forewarned her of the Airport Blizzard conditions.

Talk, talk. Laugh, laugh, guffawing and a lot of catching up later, I was informed of her need to “save my upholstery” in the car. She had to “go”. Just as I would with one of my children, I asked her if she could “hang on” for around 20 mins, or did I need to stop, NOW?  We weren’t that far from the next town. She had the choice of a nature stop, or a wait. There was little else I could do. I did try to ease the situation somewhat by adding my own fresh scent to the interior. I called it “Eu-de-Last Night’s Lasagna”.

We made it to town, stopped and had a nice hot lunch, and went on our way with full stomachs, empty bladders and warm hearts.

Did I mention I still had a tiny bit of room in my stomach? No? Because it’s important to remember that little BAKERY in Nimmatabel. The one that has the BUTTERSCOTCH ECLAIRS? I had to share this information with Princess, who is a fellow Baked Goods Connoisseur. (We love our foods we does.)


Heading back to the car, Princess opens the  door and refuses to get in. Talking in a voice that could only be made louder with a megaphone, she decries my choice of “air freshener” as “sickening”. It’s hanging in the air like death. There is no way she can possibly get back in the car. Giggling, I agree. Eventually she gets back in the car.

She is messaging me now. Interrupting the flow of my blog. Telling me to come and get her NOW. We have arranged a play-date at my house today. Magoo is returning to her Craft class, leaving us free to have a sister’s only catch up day. Should add to the long list of stories I already have of this visit with her. I have finally learned how to control her. I can blog about it, or she can behave…..