Ha ha got ya with that title didn’t I?

I’m talking about wallpaper stripping, and as I said, I can strip it pretty good!

One of the longest stories I could ever tell you, would be the story of our “renovations” here at the Lake Shack. We have been through every procedure in the book in order to procrastinate. I even made up a new word…

Renocrastination – The art of planning, ditching and re-planning your renovations so many times it…. Never….. Happens..

First we were going to build a whole new room to house the new kitchen and living room. Then we decided that was way too much money, and space, considering that ultimately it’s just going to be me and Fitty here most of the time. Then we were going to move the kitchen to the front of the house, so I could gaze at the lake whilst washing up. Then we realised that we’d have to move all the plumbing and gas fittings and although I would still love to gaze at the lake whilst cooking and washing up, the rest of the living room wasn’t going to work as well that way…. Sigh…. We are limited by available space, (and budget now that I’m not working).

I went through some funny emotional stuff as well after I first stopped working. The world was in a mess and bombs were raining on Gaza, blowing up whole families and their homes. This led to a sense of disenchantment with my more capitalist leanings. All of a sudden I wanted so much less for myself and so much more for the world.

I began to speak to Fitty of “making do”, and “being so lucky to have what we do”. I have never gone hungry. I have always had fresh water and a roof over my head, free from explosions.  Our children have all their limbs intact, and we don’t worry when they go out the door to explore the world. Many, many folks around the world don’t have that very simple freedom. It made me sad and unable to process my want for more than I had.

I’m still getting around those feelings, but I’m also at my wits end. Especially with my “kitchen”. No cupboard doors means that every surface inside and out gets covered in dust very quickly. I can’t bake without coating the inside of my cupboards with flour, (I tend to be a messy baker). The kids tend to just throw things in there, and I often get cranky trying to sort it all out. I have no drawers at all, and cutlery storage is a huge issue. It often takes me ages to find the potato peeler or  the garlic press, because there are  several different places the kid’s can put them when they wash up. No matter how many times I make my wishes clear, the organisation in the cupboards and pantry is unclear, allowing them to use their imagination. Which means they just throw it in anywhere it fits.

My sink is tiny, and relies on my special knowledge of physics to wash pots and pans. Two people can fit in the kitchen at once, but once two people are in there, nothing much can get done. It becomes a dance of epic awkwardness.

Throwing caution to the wind, I finally admitted to Fitty that I probably wasn’t really satisfied with what we have..

Fitty is one of those guys who is content with things the way they are. He doesn’t like change and generally speaking, he doesn’t like anything that isn’t on a computer screen, bass guitar or camera. Renovating doesn’t push the right buttons for him.

I think he may also be worried about how our relationship will survive the dreaded Home Renovation Laws of Disaster. He’s seen those articles, but he hasn’t realised that we have already struggled through so many more disastrous scenes in our relationship. Like teenagers!

So we begin. I have a few quotes in the works for the kitchen, and have begun a project in 7’s room. She had shreds of old wallpaper from the 70’s hanging from her walls that we had partially removed some time ago, leaving the room looking sad and drab. I want to paint her walls a lovely sunny yellow as this room gets lovely morning light, but little in the way of natural light after that. I believe the yellow will more than make up for the lack of light, and give the room a warm glow.

Originally 7 wanted an aqua blue colour, but has taken my advice, especially after showing her the following picture of the colour I have in mind.

Ellas room

With scraper in hand I began what turned out to be a relatively easy process. Luckily the walls are hardboard, which made the paper so much easier to remove, as there was no soggy plaster to worry about. The next job will be a little more challenging as I will have to re-plaster the corners and under the architraves. There is some damage there, but I am meticulous in my attention to detail and my perfectionist streak should serve me well here. It can’t be that much harder than icing a cake surely? Ha ha ha…

The old wallpaper.

lol-Fitty bought me the safety gear and made me pose in it.

lol-Fitty bought me the safety gear and made me pose in it.

Those corners need fixing.

Those corners need fixing.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it all  turns out?