Writing a blog post because somebody tells me I need to write a blog post should be interesting, however with Fitty and I both off the smokes there’s always plenty of fun floating around.

Last night I was recovering from a minor illness and therefore couldn’t attend a fundraiser movie night with Fitty. We had planned on going together, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it, so he went on his own. During the evening Princess called and we were still chatting when Fitty returned home from the movie…..

Turned out Princess had heard of the movie and wanted to know if it was worth seeing, so she asked me to ask Fitty, “Is it worth seeing?’

Fitty- “It’s not got many like, crazy new sea creatures in it…”

Me- “Ookay….But was it good?”

Fitty- “It’s not a romantic comedy you know?”

Me, mumbling-“omg Fitty I’m gonna…. WAS THE BLOODY MOVIE ANY GOOD OR NOT?”

Fitty- “Yeah it was ok.”


At this point I’m threatening to do nasty things to Fitty’s underbelly parts, because no nicotine patch (and Fitty can be such a dick sometimes). Did I ask him about sea creatures? Did I suppose a movie about exploring the depths of the ocean would be romantic and humorous?? Nope.  Did Princess? No! I honestly don’t know why Fitty has to be so difficult.

After weeks of nicotine patches and cutting down of same,  I’ve decided to go without as of yesterday. I noticed I was starting to feel a little like I wanted to smoke something soon and thought it was probably because my body was still receiving nicotine? I dunno, but so far so good. Except for being able to deal with Fitty and his way of making the possible seem highly improbable. Even now he’s messaging me on Facebook from his office. Screaming at me in capitals that he has RECEIVED ANOTHER KITCHEN QUOTE. Calm down Fitty, it’s only a kitchen quote…

I know things may escalate quickly this week, it’s the first week we’ve both been off patches together, but I also know that with Fitty and I, humour will always prevail. It never gets that bad that one of us can’t make the other see how ridiculous they’re being. It’s a skill, and definitely one that makes our relationship work better. Like last night, well before the movie incident.

Fitty arrives home from work with some contact lenses. He’s agreed with his Optometrist to try them out as his glasses are bothering him of late. We discuss the benefits of him trying them straight away as he has to go out to see the movie etc. He decides he can handle it and proceeds to try and put them in.

Ha ha HA. Several minutes later I look up from what I’m doing to see him sitting at the table with a massive frown on his face, staring at the tip of his finger where an innocent lens sits. Several attempts later sees him slam his fist on the table, push back hard on the chair until it bangs against the wall behind him, then glares at me swearing. It’s ok Fitty. I understand.


There truly is a reason why people get so shitty when they come off nicotine. There is a feeling of rage that can rush you, making you scream and shout and feel like murdering EVERYONE! And as quickly as it comes, it passes. I liken it to my hormonal “rushes” I get each month. Poor Fitty, being a male, can’t even comprehend what is happening and therefore chooses denial.

He is perfect after all. Never does a thing wrong.

We will survive, as we have every other challenge that has come our way. Mostly we just have to get through this period without succumbing to the temptation of having a cigarette. That is the only thing we have to really avoid doing…. well that and killing each other.