People told me I’d get bored not working, sick of being on my own. Some even said I’d need more mental stimulation, and wouldn’t like the simplicity of staying at home and housework.

But – I have settled into non-working life like a professional.

I’m not bored. I still hate going out, unless I’m really, really hungry and have a great lunch/dinner date booked.

I don’t feel any pressure to do my hair, make up or even get dressed most days, and yet I do anyhow. In fact I probably get dressed more often now than I did when I was working!

I used to live in my dressing gown until work time, and then get right back into it when I got home from work, so I’m actually getting to wear the clothes in my wardrobe now. Not that they fit very well since I stopped smoking….

I’ve begun to take the dog for walks, and swims down at the lake, which she absolutely loves. I never had the energy to do that when I worked.

The Lovely One throws to Trev, Pooh and Sab.

The Lovely One throws to Trev, Pooh and Sab.

5 and the Lovely One came to visit with 5’s two dogs, Trev and Sab, and we all had a great time throwing the ball and sticks for the dogs. I’d always thought Pooh was a great swimmer until I saw Trev having a go! Wow that dog can swim, and jump and dive and run etc. Sabby swam for miles chasing her own bubbles which was a hoot to watch!

Trev bounds over Pooh to beat her to the ball.

Trev bounds over Pooh to beat her to the ball.

I’ve also started bouncing on the kid’s trampoline from time to time, just for a bit of extra exercise. It’s fun, and challenging, (once my brain stops hitting the top of my skull causing thudding pains in my head.) I even showed Fitty how I could still do a somersault last weekend. He was mighty impressed, and just quietly I was fairly impressed myself!

Note where the sun actually shines from around here...

Note where the sun actually shines from around here…

Fitty and I have had our new kitchen measured this week and are ready to do a bit of work on the walls before installation. We’re removing the walk-in pantry door, making the pantry opening bigger and replacing the back wall of the kitchen (because it’s damaged).

I’ve always joked that the size of the door of our pantry acts as a dietary aid. If I put on too much weight I won’t fit in there anymore.

In the meantime I’m still in 7’s bedroom, because procrastination.

I should have been finished in there at least a week ago, but because a simple paint job has become a plastering job, I have taken my sweet time. Anxiety levels are high when I’m doing things for the first time, and due to my OCD, I have wasted countless hours doing a bit, cleaning up, doing a bit more, cleaning up….

I’ve spent many hours scraping out the old plaster from the butt and corner joints, (where two boards meet), sanding down the walls, filling gaps with spray nozzles of uncontrollable shit that swells and smells….. I’ve done quite a lot of new stuff lately, and it’s been a gigantic messy learning curve. I’ve even used something called “Turbo Builder’s Bog” which is about as blokey as it gets, right?

Today I started my first paper joints. Which entails plastering a joint, adding a line of paper tape to cover the joint, sanding and then adding more plaster, then sanding again. I’m excited to finish them as they don’t look too bad for a total novice.  Ive done the first layer of plaster and the paper tape.

The clean up was mammoth however as giant globs of plaster kept falling off my trowel and I had it all over my hands etc. My step ladder copped a fair plastering as well as the wall joints. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks on YouTube….