I can’t even tell you when my last post was, because that would involve opening another window and looking. So I would get distracted and then I wouldn’t be writing this. And I’ve been trying to write this for such a long time….

I have been so busy these last few months and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. I cannot account for every day because my idea of “busy” could involve a book and a massive coffee, or being face-down on the couch. The entirety of our Christmas Holiday break could be summed up by the phrase, “Let em eat Nacho’s.” We relaxed.

My eldest son (3) returned from Queensland and moved into our lounge room, found a new job the next day, and has been working 6 days a week ever since. He seems quite happy to be living out of suitcases and having a renovation going on around him, but that’s boys for ya?

Sunday morning phone-a-thon?

Sunday morning phone-a-thon?

I have achieved much. 7’s room renovation has been finished (late Oct), and pronounced a success. I am impressed with the results and can see where I can improve my finish in the next rooms I tackle. I am excited and feel confident I can achieve the same results throughout the house.

Who knew?

Sometimes challenging yourself can lead to major discoveries! I love this work. I was so happy once I achieved a bit of confidence and found the right products to suit me. Finding the right plaster knife/trowel for instance!

The job took ages and was awkward until I reached that point, then I sailed to the finish line.

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I love the way this colour goes green or yellow depending on the light. 7 was given ultimate approval over the colour and I think she chose very well. What used to be a daggie, cluttered space is now a bright and cheery haven for her.

Fitty and I have yet again changed our kitchen plans. This has been such a discouraging process, trying to maximize the space we have and trying almost every possible permutation of the numerous plans so far.. I almost settled for a plan I wasn’t all that happy with, just because I was frustrated. Now I am content to wait a while, and do work in other areas of the house. Ultimately I think we’ll be happier with the end result.

Fitty is quite happy to return from work and find a little progress each day. It’s hard to renovate around life in a busy house! I’m constantly working and then cleaning up. Day after day, and because of the plastering work, and painting, I often have to stop altogether waiting for things to dry before I can go on. It suits me fine, as I always have something to do somewhere in the house. As I progress and get a sense of how it’s all going to look when I’m finished it excites me to the point where I just want to hurry up and start tearing tiles from the bathroom walls!

Left to my own devices I would probably have every room in the house peeled back to some degree. Thankfully we haven’t met any huge disasters within the structure, electrics or plumbing, but hey, I just know something is awaiting discovery somewhere? It wouldn’t be right for a 70’s house built with 50’s material (!?!) not to have something major need replacing. Right?

There are times when I curse the builder’s of this house, and even more so, the owner who once renovated the stairwell and entry area, leaving a live electric wire just hanging there in the roof space. Our power kept shorting out, which led Fitty to the discovery. It had been resting on one of the joists and occasionally trying start a fire! We could tell this by the big black burn on the joist. Lucky much?

Yeah… so I shudder to think what I may find once I start the less cosmetic aspects and begin tearing into walls…

One thing I am sure of? That I will come out of this renovation with a whole new set of awesome skills and a whole lot of ruined clothes!