If you would like to see my first project, a room redecorate and refurnish for 7’s 12th Birthday – click here and if you’d like to see the new fireplace being done check this out.

I’ll include some before/after pics of those in the following… but basically after the fireplace and 7’s bedroom I started to push for the kitchen, but then had second thoughts for the thousandth time!

So instead I stripped and painted the little hallway and computer desk wall. We had to have desk and computer room for 2 whole set ups and storage for all the various Fitty contraptions. I had inspiration for the way I wanted this to look, and as Fitty and the kids were involved in the colour choice here (they wanted red and black), we ended up going in a different direction to what I wanted (dark grey and white.) That’s okay because I can repaint the wall and desk one day in the future if I really want to.

Computer Desk- Before

Computer Desk- Before

Computer desk- After.

Computer desk- After.

The results speak for themselves anyway, despite my preference for dark grey over porno red.

We still have to put some very sturdy book shelves on the wall above the desk, to unpack our growing collection of books and arty stuff. I also need to find a place for the beautiful glass piece by Fitty’s sister that does it better justice. She is a wonder, behold her amazing work here.

I have finally decided where I want to go with the kitchen and it has a lot to do with keeping the original features of the house. If I can cook for up to 12 people in this house with no oven for years, then I can certainly keep the original shape and character of the kitchen. Weight watcher pantry door and all..


I love all these features now, and they lean heavily toward my original inspiration for the room. It’s ironic that my original wish was to rip it all out and open the kitchen up to the living room. As I’ve worked I’ve fallen in love with them, which is fab-u-lous because it means less work in the long run. When I told Fitty this news he fell in love with me all over, (he of the change-hating has won yet again!)

I will post some more soon as I have some very exciting projects coming up, I’m going to build a lifelong dream! And I’m going to re-purpose a beautiful curve-fronted Victorian dressing table into a vanity. I can’t wait to start these projects, but first I’m going to use up the rest of one of the pots of paint on my laundry. Can you guess which of the colours I’ll be using?

Lots to do, until then here are the rest of the before and afters, enjoy.

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