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I have been in hospital, and was just browsing through my reader catching up on my favorite girls, Patty, Laurie and Joey’s latest posts, when I noticed Joey had been awarded a “Shine On” Award from a fellow blogger. Knowing she deserved this honour, I continued reading excitedly, and then stopped cold when I realized she was nominating ME. Fancy that?

I don’t know exactly how these things work, but I think I’m meant to nominate this award onwards as well!

I’m supposed to nominate my favorite 15 bloggers and answer a few questions, so here we go:


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Well that’s 15 of my favorite bloggers right there. A very varied bunch if I may say so, designed to tickle any fancy I may be needing at various times of my day or week. All of them inspiring, funny, creative and awesome.
Now for these questions:
1. How did you choose names for your children?
For my eldest son I chose the names Elliot James. I was entranced as a teen by the movie E.T. and the way he would say “Ell-i-yot”.
I would sometimes talk to my belly, as I guessed he was a boy early on, and call him Ell-i-yot in the same way.
My second son was named Jacob Patrick. I loved the story of the Biblical Jacob, who was born holding the heel of his older brother, his twin, Esau. Patrick after my eldest brother.
My final son was named Dale Micheal. Dale after a lady I met in hospital whilst having him, who struck me as a most kind soul, and Micheal after a dying friend.
I had a wee son between Jacob and Dale, all through the early pregnancy we called him Jimmy, unfortunately we lost him at 25 weeks. We would have celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday.
It’s weird, but I knew all my kids were boys, almost as soon as the pregnancy began. I never found out until they were born for sure, but I always KNEW. I had all the blue stuff ready and only with Jacob did I falter close to my due date and put a couple of pink things in the drawers just in case.
2.  What are your moral guidelines or what is your religious faith?
I believe in being a good person, doing the right thing.
I believe in “God” whoever or whatever God may be. I have faith based not on any organized religion, but on my inner feelings of peace and love. The “oneness” I feel directly after I ask for guidance, help or relief.
I believe in Hope. I would never have gotten through the last 20 years without it.
I believe in fidelity and love, loyalty and passion.
I believe that I am finally with my soul mate, my intended love, and will stick steadfastly to him until I draw my last breath.
Soulmates. Fitty and I.

Soulmates. Fitty and I.

I believe in humanity. I believe we aren’t all bad. I believe in trying to maintain this planet and keep it “clean” for future generations.
I believe in parenting to the fullest extent of our abilities. We are not here to be our children’s “friends” but to provide a clear moral and ethical blueprint for them to choose their path in life.
I believe in rules and regulations, I follow laws. I believe in authority and the wisdom of elders.
A wealth of wisdom. Four generations in one photo!

A wealth of wisdom. Four generations in one photo!

3.  What do you do in your free time?
I actually have quite a lot of “free” time now that I am an ill person. I have always loved to read, and have now, at the insistence of my partner, added writing to that pastime.
I love the beach, summer, and living by the water. I am endlessly fascinated by nature, and will just sit quietly and observe my beautiful surroundings for hours.
I don’t have much time for television, but love a good movie.
creating a "shot" for Fitty in our front yard, the lake.

creating a “shot” for Fitty in our front yard, the lake.

Beach cricket, a favorite pastime for the whole family

Beach cricket, a favorite pastime for the whole family

again in the front yard playing up to the camera with our dear departed friend, Razor the dog.

again in the front yard playing up to the camera with our dear departed friend, Razor the dog.

Taking a dip at the beach at the end of our road, a secret spot for locals. 4 and 7, back a few years..

Taking a dip at the beach at the end of our road, a secret spot for locals. 4 and 7, back a few years..

4.  What song, television show, film speaks to you, and why?
All time favorite artist without a doubt, is David Bowie. As a teenager he was my hero. I don’t really have a favorite song of his, they are ALL AWESOME! I think he is one of the coolest people ever born, I really do.
The next best thing is Queen for me. I just love Queen’s music, the majestic “Bohemian Rhapsody”and “My Best Friend”, are my all time feel good songs.
I love romantic comedies, but enjoy a good tense thriller just as much. All depends on the mood I’m in.
I’ll never forget watching “Flying High” with my little brother, and laughing so much my stomach hurt the next day. I suppose that was the movie that began my love affair with film.
Like my friend Joey, from Joeyfullystated I just love “Friends”.  You simply cannot go past “Friends” as a TV show. My babies were being born as this show began it’s life, and I would sit and feed and watch and laugh. Later, the mutual love of this show was a real help in developing a bond with one of my beautiful step daughters. (She was at a difficult age, and the shared laughs went a long way in breaking the ice.)
4 and I playing dress ups for the camera

4 and I playing dress ups for the camera

5. What is your favorite animal and why?
When I was a young child, I never wanted a puppy, kitten, bird or fish as a pet. I would ask Magoo, (my mother, so named for her driving abilities and style), for a pet Chimpanzee. I don’t know whether it was because of Tarzan and “Cheetah” or because of the chimps I would frequently see on TV dressed in little dresses or nappies. I can’t remember when the obsession started, but it did.
I was somewhat turned off them at age  7 or 8 when my parents took me to Taronga Zoo and I saw the many chimps in the enclosure throwing pooh at each other, and the watching crowd. I remember thinking that my monkey would never do that, and besides, it would be wearing an adorable little nappy and dress anyway.
I never got my monkey of course, but to this day I am fascinated by the mimicry these animals make of humans. I am always chuffed when I see a monkey, and will watch or read anything about them, anywhere.
I’m also rather partial to dogs. My little doggie Pooh is a part of our family, and is my best friend. She doesn’t know she’s a “pet”, so I won’t tell her if you don’t?
Now you know a little more about me. I wrangled a bit in my head over whether to “name” my kids, but figured it couldn’t do too much harm? Others do.
I’m getting back on my blogging horse, slowly but surely you’ll be hearing more from me. I just had a terrible week after busting loose at the Wedding last weekend. I want to share a few more of my fave photos with you as well. Catch you soon.


The kids are back, well 7 and 8 are home, 6 is being picked up today. One day late, as he had one of those teen parties going on. He’ll be back with us soon, and probably looking for junk food. Which he won’t find.

Over the last week Fitty and I have been talking a lot about food and our previous habits. We are in the process of deciding what will constitute a “treat” for the children, and I guess for us as well. We are much happier eating natural organic food, and have both noticed our energy levels and our general feeling of well being uplifted by our change in eating.

I have all the ingredients ready to make a loaf of grain-free bread, something I have been looking forward to doing, as I have missed bread most of all. I never ate a lot of  bread, but found it handy to bring a sandwich from home for lunch at work. Now I cut up fruit, or cheese and raw vegetables. I steam veggies, and make stir-fry’s. It just takes a little more time than I’m used to, and I’ve learned to make a little extra at dinner the night before, (hide it from Fitty), and take it to work the next day.

Yesterday was fairly busy at work and I was constantly going back and forth between the bar and my tab office. I fell in a heap when I got home, my muscles felt like I had been doing a work out at the gym! A hot bath and some steamed veggies got me going again, now all I have to do is find some energy to do some housework. The whole week the kids have been gone, Fitty and I have been pretty relaxed, and looking around, it shows!

Busy day for me and the kids today, off to the Doctor, then to do the shopping, which now means the fresh food market and a very quick stop at the supermarket! Feels good to not buy all that poisonous processed crap, anything we want, we can make from real food, from tomato sauce to grain free desserts! The kids were enthralled as I showed them some Paleo recipes for desserts last night. If they taste as good as they look, we are onto a winner. I have told the kids to get used to not eating sweet food. There is more than enough sugar in fruit, and these desserts will be “treats”, not an every day thing. They seem to be ok with that, and I think they have noticed the change in Fitty and I. We are happier, healthier, and more on the ball than ever.

I just hope 6 doesn’t react too badly, when he gets home!!

Last night when I got home from work, I didn’t feel much like chopping up vegies, my muscles are a bit sore from the work they’re not used to doing. I rang Fitty down at the man-shed. Yes that’s right, he has commandeered the downstairs phone! Quite a good idea really as he can’t hear anything once he gets on the blah blah radio. Those head phones go on and he’s in another world. One that I can’t understand at all, not just because they’re all foreigners but I just don’t see any reason why anyone would want to discuss the weather and blah blah frequencies they can reach with their often home-made aerials.

Ours looks like a bamboo hills hoist, and is about 30 feet up in the top of a dead tree. I love to tell visitors who ask why our clothes line is up a tree, “it’s a bugger to hang out the sheets!”

So, back to last night, I called Fitty on the intercom thingie on the phone system. “Do you want to go out for dinner?” I ask.

“YEA-EEAAH!” shouts Fitty into my ear. He is obviously excited with this surprise invitation, and races inside to wash and change his clothes. We decide on our favorite restaurant and head out. Now Fitty has been behaving rather strangely lately. (Sometimes I wonder whether this is just the person Fitty IS when he doesn’t have cigarettes to calm him down.) He is hyperactive, jumpy, aggressive, passive aggressive and manic. He wanders around the house accusing me and the dog of all sorts of transgressions. Can’t wait for the children to arrive home this afternoon, will take the pressure off Pooh and I a bit!

At the restaurant, Fitty and I are seated on the second storey outdoor area, overlooking the waterways, and unfortunately the car park. We watch as a big, flash, black car pulls into a disabled parking space. Fitty’s eyes narrow as both parents and two children emerge from the car.

“THEY’RE NOT CRIPPLES!” Fitty shouts at me. “What do they think they’re doing parking there, I’ve got a good mind to go down there and tell him off, blah blah blah, call the parking inspector, blah blah, key his car, blah blah!”

I get involved too, as this makes me very angry. I often see people pulling into spaces specially reserved for mothers with prams etc. Why can’t these people walk an extra 15 steps, and leave the spaces for their intended use. I must admit to using one of these parks just once, while I was very ill and limping about. I didn’t think the “mum’s” would mind at all once they got a load of the walk! Fitty soon got bored with the subject, and discussion moved on to other things..

We finished our dinner, enjoying superb service throughout, (they remembered forgetting our entree’s on my birthday)! Our waitress worked overtime to make sure we were very happy. I really appreciate this kind of service. It not only shows up a good restaurant, but a level of dedication from the staff. They want us to remember them in a positive way. Not “that place that forgot our entree’s” that one time. People really should give us hospitality workers a break!

As Fitty and I returned to our car, I couldn’t help but notice the “disabled sticker” inside the window of the black car. “Ha Fitty”, I said. “Ha, you were wrong. They must have a grandmother at home, and can wheel around parking wherever they want, whether Grandma is in the car or not.”

I couldn’t believe Fitty’s reply, “yeah, well I could make one of those stickers too, he probably just printed it out on his computer!” Another conspiracy theory revealed, thanks to Fitty. The world truly is a safer place.

There are two words in our children’s vocabulary that I wish I could never hear again. “Nuthin” and “dunno”. Nothing makes Fitty and I see red faster than these words.

I called out to 7 the other afternoon upon her arrival home from a day with her friend.

Me:     “Hi, how was your day?”

7:        “Good.”

Me:     “What did you get up to today?”

7:        “Nuthin.”

Me:     “Well you can’t ha- (this is as far as I got, as Fitty has taken to interrupting every single thing I say lately)!

Fitty:  “Rubbish, you can’t have done nothing, you kids blah blah rant rant rave”

7:         Looking panicked, until she looks at me smiling away at her, making the “blah, blah” hand signal.

Me:     “Fitty, perhaps you could go and see what’s happening in your shed? I would just like to ask 7 about her day.”

7:        Watches Fitty retreating, and says, “well, I went for a bike ride and I played with her dad’s dog. It’s just like our Pooh.”

See, she didn’t do nuthin. Turns out she had quite an active day, and the funny thing was, her friends parents had removed all her devices as well. Looks like parents are getting sick of their kids glued to screens.

Later in the day after the evening meal, the usual arguments about the dishes start. 6 doesn’t want to wash the dishes, but is happy to dry them, 8 doesn’t have much of an opinion either way, but doesn’t want to get stuck washing them by default. 7 is nearly in hysterics trying to make sure she doesn’t get her hands wet. It’s time for me to step in. I ask the inevitable question, “who washed the dishes last night?”

“I dunno”, a chorus from all three!

How can they not know? It took several minutes of racking my brain to sort this mess out. Turned out 7 had washed up the night before, (which explained the hysterics.) If only they could remember all those words we taught them as they grew. So many fantastic, descriptive, colourful words, and yet “dunno” and “nuthin” are all we seem to hear when we ask a direct question. It takes time to pull more information out of them, and sometimes I just wish they would KNOW SOMETHING, instead they “dunno nuthin”