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Restraint – The act of controlling the expression of one’s feelings – Farlex free dictionary.

In the last 7 days, I have been subjected to a lot of stress. A lot. I’m sick of restraining my feelings, sometimes you just gotta have a go, say what you want to say, and feel better. Right?

First event: The youngest child (and usually most sensible/sensitive), had a demonic outburst of anger and hatred which lasted approximately 15 hours, (one hour of declaration and 14 of withdrawal), which was directed solely at me. Luckily I had the sense and maturity to restrain myself from reacting, and carried on with life and parenting as usual – because “teenager”.

It didn’t stop me from having a couple of sleepless nights worrying about the cause of his outburst, or trying to discuss the situation with OM, (his mother), which was unfortunately the wrong move for me this time. I can’t, for all that is sensible, believe in or condone  free range parenting. I see it more as a neglectful, abject dissolution of responsibility.

But that’s just me..

I restrained myself from commenting further because what I wanted to say would have come from years of frustration, and probably not helpful in any way other than unburdening myself of said frustration!

Sometimes I struggle with the 3 way parenting model. Sometimes I struggle so hard I want to scream. Instead, I’ve spent years intensively working on trying to accept that my parenting style is not perfect, and not everyone has to adopt a similar style in order to raise children. But I have my limits!!

Second event: Fitty had been complaining of pain in his right lung, neck and shoulder for about 2 weeks. On Tuesday night, around 6pm I arrived home (from a visit with my spiritual cleanser and bestie, T), to find that his pain was increasing. I suggested, as I had been for a week, that we really should get him to a doctor. Fitty had been refusing, but his increasing pain was starting to talk him round..

By 7.30pm I was speeding him to the emergency room with a suspected collapsed lung. He was in terrible pain, hyperventilating and going into shock.

We didn’t think we had time to wait for an ambulance, so it was up to me to get him safely to the hospital… I don’t think I need to comment further on the amount of fear, anxiety and panic created by that situation?

Upon arriving at the ER, he was immediately surrounded by 3 staff, attaching all kinds of cables and monitors. His heart rate was way up, his oxygen stats way down. He was in a lot of pain. At the time, I busied myself filling out the form, and trying to stay out of the way, whilst trying to control my own hyperventilation!

It was when they wheeled him into the critical care room and rolled in the “crash cart” that I began to feel the overwhelming seriousness of the situation, and my utter helplessness!  I felt sick, fearful and ready to burst.

I restrained myself immediately, opened the curtain that separated us from the rest of the patients in the emergency room, took myself away from Fitty, into a corner near the exit and stared at the wall. I can’t even tell you what I was thinking, it would hurt too much, but I will tell you that I didn’t cry, I didn’t collapse, I just took a couple of long deep breaths and told myself to hold together. It wouldn’t do to have Fitty see me in tears, the last thing he needed was more stress! I returned to critical care and stood once again by my love’s side, with resolved strength. (I doubt he even noticed my absence.)

I have since thanked all the Gods in the universe for his safe return home to us. The staff at the hospital were able to stabilise him quickly, and although a thorough diagnosis is still not available 5 days later, Fitty’s pain is manageable and his symptoms have abated. We are waiting for further test results to determine the cause, but we both feel confident he is receiving the right treatment. He is soo much better!

Upside: Fitty gave up smoking the morning before he fell ill. He knew something wasn’t quite right. A few days later I stopped, and we are now both smoke free. (Those who follow this blog will know this isn’t our first rodeo, if fact this will be attempt number 7!) “They” say it takes an average of 7 – 10, so we’ll just keep trying until we succeed.

The teenage angst has passed, he told me he didn’t even know why he said the things he did? Well fuck son, thanks?

Seriously…  Now it’s the dog…

SIKLate last night Pooh dog was vomiting and shitting liquid waste. Listless, forlorn and sleepy, she hadn’t eaten properly and wasn’t drinking much either. It was the excessive “bowing” that clued me in to the fact it may be gastritis. I remembered reading about the behaviour having something to do with gut pain. I followed the advice I got online, and she’s doing much better today.

I guess it does you good to get smacked upside the head with a bit of “life” now and again, but I really need it to stop now.


Meg XO

*this post brought to you by “nicotine withdrawal” and “fuckoff life I’m sick of your shit”*


Well I have been a busy lady lately. Fitty and I only just arrived home from Sydney late yesterday afternoon, and have one whole week before 2 weds his beautiful Bride. We are just a little bit excited now, and a lot busy.

Today we had to buy clothing for young 8, plus 7 and I had to have our final fitting for our dresses, and we had to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables after being away most of the week.

We began at the dress shop and my dress fitting went well. I had left things until late as my weight had been plummeting earlier in the year when I first looked at the dress. Turns out it only needed a little tweaking and fits perfectly now. With 7’s dress I was worried about the bust of the dress fitting. She has just begun to blossom and I worried she may quickly outgrow any alterations done early. So we left hers until today as well. Hopefully we shall have two very perfectly fitting dresses come Saturday!

I have been asking Fitty for weeks if 8 had something to wear to the wedding, which is “Black Tie Formal” and had been told he was “all set”. This worried me a little as I usually need to see things with my own eyes before I am satisfied. Men sometimes have a different idea of what looks good than we women do don’t they girls? Anyhoo, turns out 8 had grown out of his good duds and needed a whole new outfit for the big day. We thought we could probably get away without buying him a suit, as he is only 10 years old, so decided to buy him a nice pair of dress pants and shirt instead.

Easier said than done when you consider his size to height ratio. A 10 year old who has grown out of the kids size range. We searched through several childrens wear departments until we finally gave up and decided to try a small mens pant. BINGO! A very excited 8 was very happy to have found a nice pair of pants, even if I do have to cut about a foot off the bottom and re-hem them!!  He liked every shirt I had picked for him to choose from, so that was easy too. Thank goodness we are all organized now!

We were very lucky to have both Grandmothers on hand this week for our Sydney trip to see the Surgeon. Fitty’s mum looked after 7 and 8, and Magoo looked after her “grand-doggie” as she calls Pooh.

Pooh in Grandpa's Shed.

Pooh in Grandpa’s Shed.

I am a big sook and suffered terribly when I dropped my little doggie off. I was completely overboard worrying about this and that. Making sure I told Magoo several times how to look after my little girl. I finally had enough cuddles and waved goodbye to her and Magoo for a few days. Sniff sniff….
I worried less about the kids! 6 went to his father’s house for a few extra days and 7 and 8 had a ball getting spoiled at Nan and Pop’s!

Fitty and I had a night with 4 in Canberra, and left for Sydney early in the morning, which put us at our hotel quite early in the day. I asked the Receptionist if there was any chance of an early check in, as I was feeling very unwell. At last a wonderful, intelligent and kind Receptionist! She sent us down to the bar for a free drink, and told us she’d contact us as soon as our room was ready! It was around 11.30am at this stage, (and Fitty had not one but two beers!) He was quite happy about 20 minutes later when the lovely girl called and told us our room was ready.

She had upgraded us to a lovely room on the top floor with a Turkish Steam Shower, and a massive Spa Bath! I was so happy I nearly cried. What a lovely Hotel Rydges in Parramatta is, and what great staff they have. We thoroughly recommend a stay in their fine hotel!

Pooh -Sydney trip 016Pooh -Sydney trip 008

Turkish steam shower anyone?

Turkish steam shower anyone?

The Surgeon was quite a charmer! He told me his record for solving a problem like mine (in one patient), was 28 surgeries! I hope he doesn’t see me as a challenger for that record?

He has booked me into his diary for early April, so luckily I can relax and enjoy the Wedding and another month of reasonable comfort until I have my next 2 procedures in Sydney. I am very worried about this, but will have to just go with the flow. I know he is the best man for the job, and am reassured, (now that I have met him and researched the crap out of him on the net), that I couldn’t be in better hands.

Little Pooh

Little Pooh

Our little dog Pooh is the funniest dog I’ve ever known. Quite a story here on how she  came to live with us, as I have never, EVER, been a dog person.

I had just resigned from a job I had been in for 10yrs, and had hit a bit of a depressing slump. Circumstances were not good when I resigned and I had a lot of bitterness about having to leave a job because I couldn’t tolerate the behavior of my workmates.

One day after several weeks of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I asked the “universe” for some help. This is a bad habit of mine and usually means that 10 times the suffering is about to be doled out, by said Universe.

Pooh was first named Ruby and belonged to a very dear friend of mine. I went to visit her one day to see the new pup, and instantly fell in love. Which was handy, as my friend was having trouble getting around her house with a 3kg fluff ball attached to her feet. After a couple of falls my friend had decided she would try to re-home her pet. So began the adventures of Pooh…

We had to rename her, as Fitty’s 101yr old Grandmother, (that’s right 101!!), had already taken the name Ruby.

Didn’t take us long to find out that we had the stinkiest dog in the world. She let off in the car one day and we had to pull over and get out of the vehicle! We had to be careful where we walked as she would do her business in the most trafficked parts of our yard. We had named her very well indeed!

6,7 and 8 fell instantly in love with her, smelly or not. 4 is not to keen at all, and poor Pooh is often thwarted at her attempts to make 4 love her. The stinkiness really didn’t help!

Fitty hasn’t decided yet, he loves her and spoils her one minute and goes into tirades about her the next. At this point it would be prudent to point out that Fitty is the only person in the house to ever have anything chewed by the dog. This is because he leaves all his stuff in reach of her run chain. He has lost a few pairs of shoes, had the belt loops and cuffs chewed off his jeans and has to chase his tools around the yard. She doesn’t get our stuff because we don’t put it on offer. Fitty is slowly getting the point. He really liked the last pair of thongs she chewed up!

The funniest thing our little girl does is go absolutely bonkers if anyone says “Russians Pooh”, or “get the Russians”. This originated one night as we were watching a movie, “The Darkest Hour”, which was set in the Soviet Union. Pooh went mental throughout most of the movie, standing at the TV unit barking and whining. She really wanted in that movie, wanted to chase the light based alien forms through the streets! 6 said a couple of times “get em Pooh”, and the habit was born.

Now we entertain our visitors by letting them watch the dog race through the house searching for “Russians!”